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  1. Nick Powell

Labour holds Welsh summit

Labour leader Ed Miliband is bringing his entire shadow cabinet to Wales later this morning for a joint meeting with Carwyn Jones and his ministers. Wales' role in next year's Westminster election seems likely to figure large in their discussions.

Labour is anxious to stress its achievements in the one part of the United Kingdom where the party is currently in government but also needs a strategy for fending off Conservative and Liberal Democrat attacks on its record in Wales, especially in health and education.

We have plenty to talk about. The next future Labour Government in Westminster will be grappling with the unbridled chaos that has been unleashed in the NHS in England and the fragmentation of the schools system. First and foremost however, Ed Miliband will need to deal with the cost of living crisis that continues to blight the lives of millions, despite the slow and slight improvement in the UK economy.

Welcoming Ed, and his team to Wales, I look forward to discussing and showcasing some of our policies that have protected our communities from the worst excesses of the Coalition Government. We are delighted, for example, that Rachel Reeves is looking to develop a new offer for young people based on Jobs Growth Wales. Other decisions we have taken in Wales, like the Council Tax Relief scheme and our equitable Tuition Fees policy have shown that even in tough times there are alternatives to the UK Government's austerity measures.

That isn't easy, however, when our budgets have been cut so severely by the Tory-led Government in Westminster. A real terms cut over the lifetime of this Assembly means that we have £1.7 billion less to spend on frontline services. This is on top of the £300 million a year that Wales is losing through the UK's unfair funding system.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

The way Wales is funded is one area where Carwyn Jones wants a commitment that a future Labour government at Westminster would offer a better deal. The last Labour Government didn't accept calls to end the system that limits Wales' share of any increase in public spending to its population share.

Don't prejudge M4 plans says First Minister

Carwyn Jones has told AMs that calls to replace the proposed M4 relief motorway with a cheaper option are prejudging the inquiry by the Assembly's Environment Committee. The First Minister said they should also wait for the response from the Economy Minister, Edwina Hart.

Any way of resolving the problem has to be done in a sustainable manner and not have to be revisited after 5 or 6 years.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

Both Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats are critical of the £1 billion scheme, as are the Federation of Small Businesses and the Institute of Directors. They all argue that an upgrade to Newport's southern distributor road could provide a much quicker and more cost-effective solution.

The Chair of the Environment Committee, Alun Ffred Jones, has written to Edwina Hart, asking for an assurance that the alternative road is considered. Plaid Cymru will open an Assembly debate on the issue tomorrow. Plaid can expect the backing of the Liberal Democrats but not the Conservatives.

The UK government has put the tools in place and we are convinced of the need for a new relief road. The southern distributor road has huge obstacles to being developed. The M4 relief road needs to offer the best long term solution.

– Leader of the Opposition Andrew RT Davies AM


Tories say Welsh Govt report should include apology

Welsh Conservatives say the Welsh Government should apologise for its poor performance rather than publish a report full of 'colourful pages and photos.' Opposition Leader Andrew RT Davies said:

On education – on health – on the economy – the evidence is clear; Wales continues to fall behind and Labour ministers have no answers.

Don’t take it us from us – listen to the experts, the independent reports, and the cold hard statistics.

This is the real programme for government update and an urgent focus is desperately needed on our schools, our NHS services, our businesses and our communities.

Today Labour is printing hundreds of colourful pages and photos, yet nowhere will there be an apology and a plan of action.

Welsh Conservatives are the party of low tax and big ideas – with a clear alternative vision to turn Wales around and put communities first.

– Andrew RT Davies AM, Welsh Conservative Leader

'Labour is allowing Wales to fall behind' - Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood says Labour is 'allowing Wales to fall behind.' She was speaking after the First Minister published his third annual Programme of Government report.

The Welsh Government’s annual report comes at a time when there is huge concern over the two main public services it is in charge of: health and education. The Labour Government has simply not gotten to grips with either of them. Wales does have the potential to be a successful country, but people need to have confidence in their own NHS and in their schools.

Unemployment in Wales has returned to its usual position, which is below the UK average, but this is the normal position for Wales since devolution began. The real challenge for the economy is in skills and in creating productive and well-paid jobs. Only education can deliver those skills, and regrettably Labour is allowing Wales to fall behind. This country has all the raw materials needed to deliver high quality public services and a strong, sustainable economy. That outcome is not being realised and today’s annual report confirms the need for a change in direction.

– Leanne Wood AM, Plaid Cymru leader

Welsh Govt 'patting itself on the back' - Lib Dem leader

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams has dismissed the Welsh Government's report as 'page after page ... of patting itself on the back.'

On all of the three key areas: education, health and the economy, the Welsh Labour Government continues to routinely let down the people of Wales.

The low level of ambition this Welsh Labour Government has exhibited is staggering. Only today the First Minister decided to sidestep questions about Wales falling behind in the international education tables by showing off that at least Welsh pupils are not taught in ‘sheds’.

Our Welsh NHS is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Important health targets are consistently being missed. Staff morale is being hit by these missed targets and Welsh patients deserve so much better than this.

The myth that is Jobs Growth Wales is the Government’s only answer on the economy. Again, this unambitious scheme does absolutely nothing to properly tackle long term unemployment in Wales. These people need help to get on the employment ladder, but sadly they are not getting the support they need.

Like previous publications, this Annual Report is merely page after page of the Welsh Labour Government patting itself on the back but without any real measurable targets or evidence to show it has made real progress.

– Kirsty Williams AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat leader

First Minister says Welsh Govt delivering on promises

The First Minister has told AMs that his government is 'on track' to deliver promises made when elected three years ago. Carwyn Jones published his third annual report detailing progress on his Programme for Government.

He's highlighting job creation for young people as the Welsh Government's 'greatest achievement of the year, saying that its flagship 'Jobs Growth Wales' programme has created 13,223 job opportunities, more than 5,000 of them during the last year.

You can read the annual report by clicking here. Other indicators in the report which the First Minister says show the Welsh Government is improving life in Wales include:

  • More than half of adults now hold an A-Level or equivalent qualification
  • Steady decline in cancer mortality rates. Biggest improvement in cancer survival amongst UK countries
  • 60% of social houses meet standards improving windows, doors, kitchens and bathrooms
  • Reaching target of hiring 500 PCSOs


First Minister apologises in Senedd

First Minister Carwyn Jones has apologised for the treatment of patients uncovered in the Andrews report on the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot hospital.

They [the patients and their families] deserve an apology from the government and I give it now.

It's not possible for the government to be aware of what's happening on every ward of every hospital but the people of Wales will judge the government by its response.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

Mr Jones said that the government's response would be spelt out by the Health Minister, Mark Drakeford, who will address AMs later.

The First Minister said there would be no sackings or resignations at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board, which the report did not recommend. Rather, its recommendations would be accepted without "cherry-picking"

  1. Adrian Masters

First Minister wades into 'war on Wales'

Carwyn Jones Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Expect Carwyn Jones to continue Welsh Labour's political fightback against repeated criticism from UK Government figures at his party's conference in Llandudno today.

The First Minister will become the second senior Labour politician to use the term 'War on Wales' to describe the unprecedented criticism in the UK media and in the House of Commons of Labour's record of running public services here. He's expected to say,

*"Far from a Respect Agenda, we now find ourselves on the frontline in the Tory War on Wales. Day after day we see attack after attack, on the NHS and those who work in it. On our schools, and on our teachers. On the Welsh language, on our economy, on devolution – on Wales itself." *

Conservative members of the Westmisnter coalition government have for a long time drawn attention to the performance of Welsh public services as a way of highlighting what they claim would be the likely effect of a Labour UK Government.

Members of the Shadow Cabinet have sought to ignore those attacks which has led to accusations that Ed Miliband's team have failed to defend their colleagues in Wales. It looks like that's changed now that the level of scrutiny and criticism has reached a new level of intensity in recent months.

Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith first talked of a 'war on Wales' during Welsh Questions in the Commons last week and Carwyn Jones' speech looks set to continue the counter-offensive.

Its aim is to attempt recast the current debate so that the sustained criticism is no longer seen as disinterested scrutiny, but rather as a politically motivated attack and an attack not on Labour, Welsh or otherwise, but on Wales itself.

  1. Adrian Masters

When politics is personal: First Minister and Ann Clwyd

The First Minister's direct criticism of Ann Clwyd is as extraordinary as her response. Two senior Welsh Labour politicians are now publicly at odds over something important to the party (the NHS) and extremely sensitive (a painful personal experience of the NHS.)

Both reasons are why Labour politicians have been treading carefully with regard to the Cynon Valley MP's comments. That's changed. Welsh ministers are fighting back against sustained Westminster criticism and they see Ann Clwyd's campaign as part of the attack to be countered.

The risk for the Welsh Government is that the public may see attacks from Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron as clearly political, but in Ann Clwyd many see someone who's speaking up for patients after a painful experience. If that's the case, the First Minister's criticism could look merely personal.

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