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The cost of raising a child in Wales 'is £76,600'

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The Halifax says the cost of raising a child in Wales to the age of 11 now stands at £76,600.

Across the UK childcare is by far the biggest outlay, costing parents £3,840 a year on average. This is eating into households budgets, with prices rising by 3% or more than £100 compared with a year ago.

Other major expenditures include food (£960), holidays (£748) and schooling (£511).

As a result of rising costs, half of parents surveyed by Halifax have had to cut back on going out to socialise with friends, while just under half have reduced the number of times they eat out.

A further two in five said they have had to spend less on holidays and a third have cut back on ordering in takeaways, clothing, and other luxury items since having children.


Extra funding for out-of-school childcare

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Communities and Tackling Poverty Minister, Lesley Griffiths, has announced £400,000 to provide out-of-school childcare for families across Wales.

The funding, which the Welsh Government says is on top of £2.3 million already provided, is aimed at gaps in childcare provision across Wales.

Projects set to get extra funding include childcare centres in Caerphilly and Conwy which will provide play workshops for local children.

Providing quality childcare and improving parents’ access to it is one of my top priorities. Childcare facilities are not just simply a place to go while parents are at work, they are also about improving the lives of children, especially those from our deprived communities.

Childcare not only plays a central role in improving children’s well-being and reducing inequalities, it is also vital to ensuring parents are able to access employment and training opportunities.

– Lesley Griffiths AM, Communities and Tackling Poverty Minister

Holiday childcare in Wales: We want your views

According to research by the Family and Childcare Trust almost a fifth of parents in Wales had to call in sick last year, in order to manage childcare during the summer holidays.

A number of organisations are calling for childcare to be more affordable Credit: PA

We want to hear your views on this, and we'll feature some of the best on our website. You can get in touch in the following ways:

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Charity: Families struggling with costs of childcare

A lack of holiday childcare means around a fifth of Welsh workers will call in sick to look after their children over the summer break, according research by the Family and Childcare Trust and Netmums.

The Chief Executive of Children in Wales, Catriona Williams, says families are under a lot of pressure due to the rising costs of childcare and they're having to rely on family members to look after their children.

Parents forced to call in sick during school holidays

Holiday childcare costs in Wales has increased by 2% in the last year. Credit: PA

Almost a fifth of parents in Wales had to call in sick last year, in order to manage childcare during the summer holidays.

That's according to new research by the Family and Childcare Trust, and Netmums. Both are calling for more affordable childcare to be made available.

Their research also found a further 12% of parents had been forced to give up their jobs entirely, causing the Welsh economy to miss out on nearly 50,000 working days every year.

"Most parents have no choice but to work, and should not have to take sick days to manage childcare.

"This is not the way to operate a modern economy, and this is why we are calling on our employers and head teachers to help parents manage the school holidays, and on government for a new childcare strategy that properly represents the realities working families face today."

– Anand Shukla, Family and Childcare Trust

Childcare costs in Wales are more than a mortgage

Increases in childcare now mean costs can be over £7,000 a year in Wales. Credit: PA

Part-time childcare costs for a family of two children have overtaken the average UK mortgage bill by 4.7 per cent, according to new research.

The report by the Family and Childcare Trust shows that in Wales, where average mortgage costs are £5,252 per year, part-time childcare costs are 36 per cent higher at £7,139 per year. Full-time childcare would cost £10,760 which is 105 per cent more than the average mortgage in Wales.

Parents in Wales also face the worst gaps in provision, an issue that has not improved over the last five years. Only 11 per cent of local authorities had enough childcare for 5-11 year olds, compared with 35 per cent in England. No local authority had enough childcare in rural areas.

The Family and Childcare Trust believes governments should:

• Extend free early education to all two year olds.

• Make better use of school premises to provide flexible childcare provision.

• Uprate Working Tax Credits to account for rising childcare costs.

• Effectively enforce the duty on local authorities to provide sufficient childcare.

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