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David Cameron to visit Wales on UK-wide tour

David Cameron will visit Wales later as part of a UK-wide tour. He started off in Scotland this morning and will visit Wales, England and Northern Ireland in the space of 24 hours.

Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha started the tour in Scotland this morning Credit: PA

The deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, is due to be in Montgomeryshire later and Labour's Rachel Reeves is campaigning in the Vale of Glamorgan.

General Election 'pivotal moment' for education

The Labour party says the General Election will be a pivotal moment for education here and across the UK.

Even though it's a devolved matter, the Education Minister Huw Lewis claims the election is a choice between two visions for education, arguing that the Conservatives would constrain the life chances of young people, whilst Labour would invest in them.

Are we going to continue down the road of austerity and shrink the budget for public services year on year and the inevitable fall out for that in education will be constrained life chances for our young people, or are we going to make sure that we priorities the life chances of our young people?

– Huw Lewis AM, Education Minister

The Tories meanwhile argue Labour have let down young people here, claiming Welsh schools trail behind others in Europe.

Less is spent on education here in Wales than it is in England, and that's a Labour choice to make that decision - we want to see more spent at the pupils at the sharp end so that the teachers can get the best out of those pupils.

– Alun Cairns, Conservatives


William Hague: Conservatives have delivered jobs in Wales

William Hague says the Conservative-led Coalition Government should be credited with delivering jobs and economic growth for Wales.

Meeting campaigners in Cardiff, he told ITV News that an outright Tory majority at the General Election would provide "economic security".

William Hague is retiring from the Commons at this election

You can now associate the Tories with many more jobs in Wales. There are 52,000 more people in work in Wales than there were five years ago.

That is creating the opportunity for everybody in the future.

There are 20,000 more businesses in Wales than there were five years ago at the time of the last General Election.

– William Hague
William Hague spoke to local businesses and members of the public in Cardiff


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Powers for Assembly 'proud achievement' - Crabb

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb has told the Scottish Conservative Conference that the UK Government had "seized this unique moment" to take forward devolution and strengthen the United Kingdom.

The very idea of Britain and Britishness belongs just as much to the peoples of Wales and Scotland as it does to the English – if not even more so. Wales and Scotland have a shared stake in this United Kingdom.

Rather than run from the opportunity [the Scottish Referendum] presented, or close the book and wipe our brows with a relieved sigh, we seized this unique moment and sought to put both Wales and Scotland at the heart of a constitutional debate.

And so for the past five months I have been leading a process to establish the next stage of devolution for Wales – to be announced by St Davids Day, in just over a week’s time. I believe one of the proudest achievements of this Conservative-led Government is how we have taken forward devolution to strengthen the Union.

And we haven’t done this just for the sake of it or simply to surrender to nationalist demands. No. It’s about giving Wales and Scotland the powers they need to grow their own economies from the inside up: Powers with a purpose.

– Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb MP

The Secretary of State added that the Conservatives' "long term economic plan" will need to be shared by the Welsh and Scottish Governments. He called on them to "cast aside old dogma" to secure a private-sector led economic recovery. But at the Westminster election there would be a straight choice about who would be Prime Minister.

The choice between a Prime Minister who understands and loves the Union, who wasn’t afraid to hold a referendum to tackle the big issue in Scotland head on, who is passionate about Wales, who understands why Wales is different, who understands why Scotland is different…

Or the lesser-spotted Ed Miliband – who has hardly appeared in Wales, and doesn’t seem to be very welcome here in Scotland.

Yes, while David Cameron has spent the last five years demonstrating just how much Scotland and Wales mean to him: delivering further devolution, pushing forward big infrastructure investment, laying the foundations for stable growth – actually visiting our nations in the process.

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have allowed Scotland and Wales to slip out of their sights. And why? Because frankly, we just don’t matter enough to them.

– Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb MP

Mr Crabb didn't name the Scottish National Party but he acknowledged the SNP's political breakthrough in Scotland, where it enjoys a big lead over Labour in the polls.

What many down South haven’t caught on to yet, is that the single most important political development of the last year has had nothing to do with UKIP. No, it is something which is sending shudders of fear down the backs of Labour in London and in Cardiff too – and that is the collapse of Labour in Scotland – where they have lost their grip on those communities they took for granted for so long.

And I believe there is a day of reckoning coming for Labour in Wales too, because they have committed exactly the same sins as in Scotland; taking for granted their working classes: ignoring; patronising, not doing enough to tackle long-term unemployment; turning their back on welfare reform that actually helps the very people they purport to represent; allowing standards of public services to slide, showing complacency. All this is unforgivable.

– Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb MP

Parties react to poll

The Conservatives and Plaid Cymru have responded to the latest Welsh Opinion Poll, which suggests that Labour will win two of four Welsh seats in the European Parliament next month and that UKIP are in second place.

This poll is consistent with others which have shown the Welsh Conservatives are on course to keep their seat in the European Parliament. Between now and 22 May we will continue to remind people is that if you want to cut the cost of Europe, take back control of our borders, and have the chance to vote in an in-out referendum on Europe then you should vote Conservative. None of the other parties can deliver this.

– Welsh Conservatives

As the only party that puts Wales first, Plaid Cymru will be fighting for every vote in the coming European elections. There is a danger that Wales - our economy, our communities and our culture- could be left totally isolated and under threat if we allow the scaremongering, right wing politics of UKIP to shape our future. People have a choice in this election, and we would urge voters to vote for Plaid Cymru, the only party that will put the interests of Wales first.

– Plaid Cymru
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