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'Fag paper' between Conservative and Labour in Gower

By Dean Thomas, Swansea

Conservative parliamentary candidate Byron Davies says he hopes he's done enough to win the Gower seat from Labour.

Early indications show it's a close call between Davies and Labour candidate Liz Evans.

Mr Davies said: "My personal ambition has always been to take Gower. We had a 6.5 per cent swing in the 2010 elections, we've whittled it down with hard work and this time, what ever happens, it will be a fag paper result."


  1. Nick Powell

Plaid, Conservatives not yet believing exit poll

Plaid sources are refusing to leap on exit poll's suggestion that they'll take an extra seat, saying only that Ynys Môn and Ceredigion are "close". Across Wales, they've been surprised by a higher than expected level of UKIP support. Despite the exit poll, Conservative sources remain pessimistic about Cardiff North, though confident of holding the Vale of Glamorgan.

Prime Minister visits farmers in Brecon in final push

The Prime Minister visited a farm in Talgarth near Brecon and made a breakfast visit as he swept across the UK in a 36-hour non-stop final campaign drive.

David Cameron speaks with members of the farming community during a campaign visit at Whole House Farm, near Brecon. Credit: PA

He accused Labour leader Ed Miliband of planning a "con trick" to get into Downing Street on the back of support from the Scottish National Party and said there would be a "real question of credibility" if his rival entered Number 10 without being leader of the largest party.

David Cameron at a farm near Brecon where he discussed agricultural issues affecting farmers in the region. Credit: PA

Serving up pizzas - Conservatives push for votes

With just 48 hours to go before election day the Secretary of State for Wales, Stephen Crabb, served up pizzas on a visit to an Asda store in Cardiff to highlight the Conservatives record on job creation.

Stephen Crabb topping pizzas at Asda in Coryton in Cardiff. Credit: ITV Wales News

Mr Crabb said his party had raised the minimum wage, cut taxes, froze fuel duty and helped to create jobs while in government.

The last five years have not been easy for many families as we have set about fixing the economy and they have shown a lot of patience. But the fruits of economic recovery are now being felt all across Wales with rising wages, low inflation and tax cuts all helping to put money back into people’s pockets.

– Stephen Crabb, Conservatives


Home Secretary visits Wales to join Conservative campaign

Credit: PA

Home Secretary Theresa May will join the Welsh Conservatives on their campaign trail today.

She's expected to meet with members of local neighbourhood watch teams.

Thanks to reforms and the hard work of officers, we've been able to deliver more policing for less.

In Dyfed Powys we have 30 more officers, 100,000 hours of extra frontline time and we're on course to save £8.8m by 2016.

We've got more support for victims of domestic abuse and we've cracked down on the small crimes that ale people's lives miserable. Antisocial behaviour has fallen.

That's been possible thanks to this government's reforms - giving the public a stronger voice in their police service.

– Crime Commissioner for Dyfed-Powys, Christopher Salmon

Welsh charity 'shouldn't have been in list backing Tories'

A Welsh charity says it should not have been included in a list of 5,000 signatories supporting the Conservatives' economic plans.

Diverse Cymru, which aims to eliminate discrimination and inequality in Wales, says it has contacted the Conservative Party to remove its name from the list immediately.

Its chair, Keith Dewhurst, is standing as a Tory candidate in the general election - but Diverse Cymru says those activities are separate from his work with the charity.

We are not affiliated with, allied to or supporters of any political party in compliance with the relevant Charity Commission laws, regulations and guidelines.

Diverse Cymru’s name should not and should never appear on any list of political endorsements such as the one published today in the Telegraph of entrepreneurs of small businesses, neither of which terms apply to Diverse Cymru.

We believe we were included in error and have contacted the Conservative Party to remove our name from this list immediately, and are also working to ensure that Diverse Cymru is not similarly cited in future.

Diverse Cymru’s Board includes individuals with a wide-range of political opinions and has a strict policy on board member’s party affiliations not forming part of Board discussions or decisions.

Although our Chair, Keith Dewhurst, is an active member of the Conservative Party and is currently campaigning for the upcoming election these activities are independent to and separate from the work he undertakes on behalf of Diverse Cymru.

– Diverse Cymru statement

The Charity Commission has said it will be writing to Diverse Cymru "to establish the facts and remind the trustees of our guidance. We do not expect to take any further regulatory action.”

130 small and medium-sized businesses from Wales signed the letter.

A software company in Berkshire has also said one of its staff has been wrongly listed as a signatory to the letter, published in the Daily Telegraph this morning.

130 Welsh small businesses sign letter backing Tories

130 small and medium-sized businesses from Wales have signed a letter in the Daily Telegraph, backing the Conservative-led government to "finish what they started."

They joined a list of 5,000 signatures supporting the Tories' economic plan ahead of the general election.

The letter, on the front page of the Telegraph, said 'a change now would be far too risky.'

The letter says: [the government] managed to get the economy moving again by tackling the deficit, helping to keep interest rates low and inflation down. We’ve been helped by their steps to lower taxes, reduce red tape, simplify employment law and get the banks lending."

Labour has responded by accusing the Tories of "five years letting down Britain's small businesses. Government scheme after government scheme designed to boost finance for small firms has failed, and small business lending has fallen by £500m in the last three months."

The letter has caused controversy after a company included in the list said one of its staff members had been wrongly listed as a signatory.

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