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Dolphins seen off the coast of north Wales

Bottlenose dolphins have been sighted off the coast of north Wales. Credit: Laurence Clark

Dozens of bottlenose dolphins have been spotted off the coast of north Wales.

Although dolphins are not uncommon off the coastline, it's rare to see them so far north. It's believed more and more are swimming north for quieter waters. Many have been spotted as far north at Rhyl and Conwy.

Volunteers for the Sea Watch Foundation have been surveying the area after a number of recent sightings.

Many have been seen off the coast of Rhyl and Conwy. Credit: Laurence Clark
It's uncommon for dolphins to be sighted so far north. Credit: Laurence Clark
Volunteers have been surveying the area since the sightings. Credit: Laurence Clark
Dolphins are not uncommon in our waters, but are seen further south in areas like Cardigan Bay. Credit: Laurence Clark

Six-year-old Hannah dreams of eating chocolate and bananas once she gets a kidney transplant

The family of a little girl who needs a kidney transplant say all relatives have been ruled out as suitable donors.

Hannah Phillips, 6, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome aged two, which led to both her kidneys being removed.

She travels from her home in Conwy to Liverpool to undergo dialysis four times a week.

Hannah told ITV News reporter Rob Shelley that she hopes to be able to eat food like chocolate and bananas once she's had a transplant.

"I'm just so looking forward to it!" she says.


The Conwy six-year-old appealing for a kidney donor

Tonight we'll bring you the story of six-year-old Hannah Phillips.

Hannah Phillips, 6, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome aged two

Hannah had to have both of her kidneys removed aged just two.

She travels hundreds of miles each week for dialysis - and she and her family are appealing for anyone who might be a kidney match to help.

Nearly 50 new jobs created at Robertson in north Wales

Nearly 50 jobs have been created at Robertson in north Wales, an oil and gas company that provides services to industries across the world.

The company will receive a £1 million package of support from the Welsh Government to anchor the business in Llandudno, safeguarding 242 jobs and creating the 48 new posts.

Robertson is a valued and key employer in the area and we're delighted they've secured the support of Welsh Government to help them stay in Conwy county borough and expand their business.

This is an exciting key employment project for North Wales and the Council will continue to work with Robertson and the Welsh Government to help deliver it.

– Cllr Ronnie Hughes, Conwy County Borough Council

Conwy woman scoops £1m on the Lottery

Carol Jones found the winning ticket in her handbag weeks after the draw Credit: National Lottery

A mum from Conwy is celebrating after scooping £1 million in the National Lottery EuroMillions draw – but she only discovered she had won when she found her ticket in her handbag five weeks after the winning numbers were revealed.

Carol Jones, 56, said she had forgotten about her ticket which was at the bottom of her handbag and only realised it was there when she went shopping.

The money means she can now retire from her job as a shoe shop assistant Credit: National Lottery

She said: “I just thought I had better check this ticket – I never believed it would be a winner. I thought I would be throwing it in the bin. I actually checked the ticket on my way into work and I don’t think the news really sank in at first – in fact I still don’t think it has!"

She's now planning to retire from her job as a shoe shop assistant.

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