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Man arrested after post office robbery at Conwy

A man is in police custody following a robbery on a Post Office in Conwy.

A man was arrested following a robbery at this post office Credit: Google street view

North Wales Police say they were called to the scene at around 3:30pm on Conway Road, Talybont and a man was arrested.

I would like to reassure the public that offences of this nature are unusual for the West Conwy area, albeit there was an unrelated similar offence in Llandudno two weeks ago where a man was arrested, charged and put before the courts.

– Detective Inspector Michael Isaacs


No joke - Welsh town gets its own official jester!

The historic town of Conwy has appointed a jester in an effort to entertain locals and visitors.

Erwyd le Fol becomes Conwy's official town jester. Credit:

The town's chamber of trade says Erwyd le Fol is just the right person:

Jesters were always more than just entertainers, they were a recognised figure within the community and as such the appointment of a town jester was never taken lightly.

Erwyd has been a regular performer at events in Conwy for the past five years, he embraces the town’s past, is extremely passionate about its future and wants to help grow Conwy’s reputation both locally and globally. He’s everything a town jester should be.

– Conwy Town Council
Not such a fool, Erwyd le Fol has been entertaining crowds for years. Credit:

Erwyd, who has his own jester show, said “One of my duties as town jester is to come up with new and exciting tricks and stunts to entertain visitors and locals.

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Adventurer returns home after epic journey

A young adventurer from Colwyn Bay has returned home after walking 1,500 miles solo across one of the most desolate countries in the world.

Ash Dykes is the first recorded person to complete the epic journey from the western border of Mongolia, across the Gobi desert to the eastern border with China. Ian Lang has his story.

North Wales adventurer breaks Mongolia world record

Ash completed his journey pulling a 120kg trailer Credit: Ash Dykes

A young Welsh adventurer has become the first person to walk 1,500 miles solo across Mongolia - one of the world's most desolate countries.

23-year-old Ash Dykes from Colwyn Bay walked into the record books after spending 78 days alone, battling sandstorms and heat exhaustion.

During his journey he tackled the high Altai Mountains, the Gobi Desert and the Mongolian Steppe.

Ash had to contend with heat exhaustion and sandstorms Credit: Ash Dykes

Ash has already gained recognition from world-renowned explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.


Man campaigned to save Gwyrch Castle since age of 12

The castle was built in the 19th century Credit: Gwyrch Trust

Local historian Mark Baker has campaigned for Gwyrch Castle to be bought back to its days of glory - a campaign he started when he was 12 years old.

“It is very exciting that the castle will be open for the day and that we have an opportunity for people to learn about its history and what is proposed for the future” he said.

The castle once had 128 rooms Credit: Gwyrch Trust

The 19th century castle was once by the Government to house 200 Jewish refugees during the second World War.

Land above the Melon House and Conservatory has now been leased by Gwrych Trust from the owners Castell Developments.

Also leased are the formal gardens which are a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.

They have Tree Protection Orders for some of the oldest trees in the area.

Gwyrch Castle to reopen after three decades

The castle has been used as a film set. Credit: Gwyrch Trust

Gwyrch Castle in Conwy is open to the public tomorrow for the first time since the 1980s.

It's since fallen into disrepair, although planning permission has been obtained to turn it into a luxury hotel.

It was last open to the public in 1985. Credit: Gwyrch Trust

Owner's dogs break leg each in 'million-to-one' chance

Coastguards came to the aid of a woman in Conwy this afternoon when both of her dogs each broke a leg in a 'million-to-one' chance.

The woman and the first injured dog were being helped to a car park near a Conwy beach, when the second break occurred.

The team helped the injured animals to her car and arranged for a vet at nearby Llandudno to examine the dogs.

It is not clear how the dogs hurt themselves, although there are boulders for sea defences in the area.

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