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Cwmcarn Forest Drive trees to be felled

Larch trees are susceptible to Ramoran disease. Credit: Peer Grimm/DPA/Press Association Images

Natural Resources Wales says a large number of Larch trees will have to be felled in Cwmcarn Forest.

It says an aerial survey in May this year revealed widespread infection by Ramorum disease. More than three quarters of the trees in Cwmcarn Forest are Larch.

So a large amount of the forest will need to be felled over the next few years to remove dead or dying trees that have been infected with the fungus-like pathogen Phytophthora ramorum, which causes the disease.

NRW says the felling is needed because infected trees produce airborne spores that can spread the disease, which is not harmful to humans or animals, to other areas and other tree species.

Council attacks 'lack of progress' on Cwmcarn High School decision

Caerphilly County Borough Council is accusing the governing body of Cwmcarn High School of taking too long to make a decision on when work to remove asbestos from the site should begin.

In April, the council announced that the school would reopen, with pupils taught in temporary accommodation on the site while the work is carried out.

The school was closed in October 2012 after the discovery of the material within the school buildings.

I would like to assure the school community that we are ready to move quickly as soon as a decision is made, but we are becoming increasingly frustrated by the school’s lack of progress and it now seems we must wait until next week for a decision to be made.

Time is fast running out and I would urge the school leadership to take decisive action before we miss our window of opportunity to get the work done in time,” he added.

– Nigel Barnett, Acting Chief Executive, Caerphilly County Borough Council

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Decision expected over future of Cwmcarn High School

The school closed in October after a report found asbestos at the site Credit: ITV News

A decision is expected later over the future of Cwmcarn High School. Caerphilly County Borough council will hold a special meeting to consider whether the school can be kept open.

The school was temporarily closed in October 2012 after a report found high levels of asbestos there.

A recent survey recommended removing the asbestos and further work to make the school safe. This would cost around £1million.

The school and the governing body say they want to proceed with the work to keep the school open, but that the Councillors will consider a range of other options later today.

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500 parents and pupils match through Cwmcarn

More than five hundred pupils and their parents have marched through Cwmcarn today in an attempt to persuade the local council to reopen their school.

Cwmcarn High School was closed last October after an investigation supposedly found dangerous levels of asbestos.

But two subsequent reports have argued that the building is "essentially uncontaminated", so parents now say they want their children back at the site. With more, here's our Valleys reporter Hannah Thomas.

Cwmcarn students show support for school

Students sport "Keep CHS Cwmcarn Open" signs Credit: Hannah Thomas/ITV News

Parents and pupils have marched from Cwmcarn Village to Cwmcarn High School today to show support for the school.

The site shut last year after abestos was found.

Parents and pupils have told ITV News that they are worried about its future.

Parents and students of Cwmcarn High School march to show support for their school Credit: Hannah Thomas/ITV News


Christmas campaign to save Cwmcarn High School

Cwmcarn High School was closed after asbestos was discovered there Credit: ITV News Wales

Teachers and pupils at Cwmcarn High School are campaigning to save their school after parts of the building were closed following the discovery of asbestos.

Children have been moved to another school in Ebbw Vale for the remainder of the academic year.

Staff and pupils have made a Christmas DVD which includes a variety of songs, as part of their campaign to save the building.

Seventy parents want answers on asbestos

More than seventy parents of Cwmcarn High School pupils made appointments to talk to doctors about the potential dangers that their children may have been exposed to.

She basically came home from school and said 'Mam I've been sat in a classroom with a hole in the wall and an asbestos sticker on it'. I mean this was back just before they broke up for the summer. And then the testing was done. What will happen next year? Will the school reopen or will they pull it down? We just don't know.

– Cath Williams, parent
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