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Nicole Reyes' family: We are going to appeal

Nicole Reyes' mother Jeanette Clements has spoken to ITV News following the sentence.

I have told [Nicole] to keep her chin up. I really did believe she would be coming home with me this week. We are going to appeal.

She has problems with her kidneys. She is ill and needs medical help. I don't think she's going to cope in that prison.

– Jeanette Clements, Nicole Reyes' mother


Cardiff woman jailed after Dominican Republic death

Nicole Reyes, from Rumney, has been jailed for 12 years Credit: Family handout

Cardiff woman Nicole Reyes has been jailed for 12 years for the voluntary homicide of her husband in the Dominican Republic.

The 38-year-old, from the Rumney part of the city, was involved in a road collision with her husband Jorge, a Dominican national, in July 2012. The pair were living together on the island at the time.

Ms Reyes - who has always denied the charge against her - was arrested at the scene and has been held in prison ever since.

The sentence was passed following a two-and-a-half-hour hearing on the Puerto Plata part of the island earlier today.

Nicole Reyes' mother, Jeanette Clements, and stepfather Mike, were present in court. Mrs Clements says that the family intend to appeal the verdict and are meeting with the British Embassy.

Trial of Nicole Reyes to start in Dominican Republic

Nicole was arrested when her husband Jorge died in a crash on the island two years ago. Credit: ITV News

The trial of a Cardiff woman imprisoned in the Dominican Republic for 18 months is due to start today.

Nicole Reyes, from Rumney, was arrested two years ago when her 38-year-old husband Jorge died in a car crash on the island.

She was jailed without a trial but both her and her family have always protested her innocence.

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Mother of Nicole Reyes heads to Dominican Republic for her trial

Jeanette Clements, Nicole Reyes' mother Credit: ITV Wales

The mother of a woman imprisoned in the Dominican Republic is heading out to the country ahead of her daughter's trial.

Jeanette Clements's daughter Nicole Reyes has been held for 18 months, accused of killing her husband in a traffic accident.

Her trial is due to start on February 4th.


Nicole Reyes' family attempt to raise £74,000 bail money

The family of a Cardiff woman imprisoned in the Dominican Republic have begun fundraising to get her released on bail.

Nicole Reyes has spent 17 months in jail without trial, following the death of her husband in a road crash.

Her mother Jeanette Clements has begun fundraising to raise £74,000 in bail money.

"I'm just going to try and do anything I possibly can" she says.

"I promised Nicole that I am going to do my utmost to get her out of there."

"I'd do anything to see her again" says Nicole's grandmother.

"All I'm hoping is I live long enough to see her again."

Family of jailed Welsh woman begin fundraising

Nicole Reyes' mother has campaigned for her release since she was jailed last year Credit: Mike Griffiths/ITV News

The family of Nicole Reyes have taken to the streets of Cardiff to try to raise money to have her released from prison in the Dominican Republic.

She has been in jail for 17 months, without trial, accused of killing her husband in a motorcycle accident.

Both she and her family have always protested her innocence.They need to raise £74,000 in order for Nicole to be released on bail.

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