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Mother of Nicole Reyes will meet with Foreign Office

Nicole Reyes was arrested when her husband Jorge died in a car crash on the island last year

The mother of a Cardiff woman whose daughter is being held in the Dominican Republic accused of murder will meet with Foreign Office officials today.

Jeanette Clement says 37 year-old Nicole Reyes is being held illegally after the death of her husband last year.

Nicole Reyes, from Rumney, was arrested when her husband Jorge, 38, died in a car crash on the island on July 9 last year.

She has been charged with homicide after being accused of deliberately running him over, but Nicole says he died when she hit his motorbike as he swerved out of the way of an oncoming car.


Family hoping for decision on prison-held daughter

Nicole Reyes from Cardiff has been locked-up for almost a year without charge. Credit: Family Photo

The family of a Cardiff mother-of-two jailed on a Caribbean island hope to hear today whether murder charges against her are dropped.

Nicole Reyes, who is originally from Rumney, has been locked-up without charge following an incident in which her husband Jorge died.

She is due in court later today for a hearing which could see the charges dropped and a trial going ahead as a traffic offence.

The family also want the case moved to a different court on the Caribbean island amid claims of corruption.


Fundraising event for 'Free Nicole Reyes' campaign

A raffle event took place, along with karaoke and dancing Credit: ITV News Wales

A fundraising evening has been held in Cardiff over the weekend to raise money for the 'Free Nicole Reyes' campaign.

Her family are trying to raise fifty thousand pounds to secure her release from jail in the Dominican Republic.

They say she is being held without charge folllowing her husband's death nine months ago.

Friends and family gathered to show support for Nicole Reyes Credit: ITV News Wales

Foreign Office meeting 'went well' for family of mother in Dominican Republic jail

Jeannette Clements arriving at Foreign Office
The family of Nicole Reyes arriving at the Foreign Officer

The family of a Cardiff mother who is being held in a prison in the Dominican Republic say that a meeting with Foreign Office officials has 'gone well.'

Jeannette Clements says she has been able to get their point across, but understands there is very little that officials here can do.

The family say Nicole Reyes has been held without charge for nine months following an incident in which her husband died.

Jeannette was accompanied by her husband and local MP Stephen Doughty for today's meeting at the Foreign Office.

Lawyer of woman accused of Dominican Republic death appeals for trial to be moved

The lawyer representing a woman from Cardiff, who has been held in a jail in the Dominican Republic for nine months, has told ITV News that they are trying to move her trial to another town on the island.

Eduardo Trueba says they don't believe they can get a fair trial because of local media reporting of the case. He says it is very unusual to appeal for a case to be moved, and they would need "strong proof for this to happen."

Mother-of-two Nicole Reyes is accused of killing her husband, who died after her car is thought to have hit the motorbike he was travelling on.

Nicole's family says she is being held without charge.

It's not going that well. We are actually trying to move the case. The reason for this is that a very bad atmosphere has been created against Nicole Reyes, and basically the whole town thinks that Nicole is guilty.

– Eduardo Trueba, Nicole's Lawyer
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