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  1. Rob Osborne

To ban or not to ban? Health committee undecided over e-cigs

A group of influential AMs can't agree whether to support the Welsh Government's proposal to ban E-cigarettes in indoor public places.

An Assembly health committee are split over e-cigarettes Credit: PA

The health committee was largely split over party lines with Labour members supporting the move with most other members disagreeing.

The Health minister Mark Drakeford wants to extend the current indoor smoking ban to include the devises. He fears they re-normalise smoking and act as a so called 'gateway' to children.

But examining the proposal the committee heard conflicting evidence from a range of groups. While health boards and public health bodies said the move was necessary as a percussion while other groups like Cancer Research UK and ASH saying a potential ban could be harmful.

The report will be examined by AMs with a vote likely on the ban early next year.

  1. Sian Morgan-Lloyd

E-cigarette safety concerns after charger explosion

E-cigarettes are more popular than ever before, with an estimated two million people in the UK now calling themselves not smokers, but 'vapers'. Their usage has trebled in the last two years and they are hailed, by some, as a miracle cure for those wishing to kick the habit of smoking.

But there are fresh concerns over the safety of the devices after a woman from Tenby was left with serious burns from a fire caused by her e-cigarette that was on charge overnight.


Health Minister: 'E-cigarettes could normalise smoking behaviour'

Wales' Health Minister Mark Drakeford will introduce a White Paper later, setting out a number of new law proposals to tackle some of Wales' major public health challenges.

His proposals include a minimum price for alcohol of 50p per unit, and a restriction on the use of e-cigarettes in public places.

Alcohol and tobacco contribute to many life-threatening illnesses and are major causes of persistent inequalities in health.

There is indisputable evidence that the price of alcohol matters. It's no coincidence that as the affordability of alcohol has increased substantially, so has alcohol-related disease. A minimum unit price will make a strong contribution to preventing alcohol overuse and misuse and reducing alcohol-related illnesses.

I have concerns about the impact of e-cigarettes on the enforcement of Wales' smoking ban. That's why we are proposing restricting their use in enclosed public places.

I am also concerned that their use in enclosed places could normalise smoking behaviour. E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive, and I want to minimise the risk of a new generation becoming addicted to this drug.

– Mark Drakeford, Health Minister for Wales

Advice issued to e-cigarette users after minor fires

Advice has been issued to e-cigarette users after reports of several devices exploding while charging, causing minor fires.

  • Never leave e-cigarettes on charge unattended for long periods
  • Do not mix components of different e-cigarettes
  • Only use the charger supplied
  • Ensure you purchase your e-cigarette from a reputable source
  • Test your smoke alarm regularly
  • Contact Trading Standards over any e-cigarette safety concerns

Fire crews: E-cigarettes linked to 'number of incidents'

South Wales Fire & Rescue crews say e-cigarettes have been linked to a 'number of incidents' across the UK.

Research has shown that a number of incidents have occurred across the UK in recent months and South Wales Fire & Rescue Service encourages users to read the advice given on the safety leaflet provided with these products to reduce the risk of this happening.

– Phil Pinches, South Wales Fire & Rescue Service
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