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Plans for payments to farmers set out

Alun Davies will hold question and answer session at the Royal Welsh show Credit: Joe Giddens/PA

Wales' Minister for Natural Resources and Food will set out plans for payments to farmers today during a visit to the Royal Welsh show. Among plans are the implementation of a 100% cap on payments over €300,000 from the Common Agricultural Policy.

Alun Davies says, 'Broadly speaking the CAP deal reached in Europe is good for Wales and reflects my key negotiating priorities. Now I have to start making decisions on how the system will operate in Wales and ensure that direct payments are used to best effect'

New scheme helps struggling farmers pull in campers

Over recent weeks, we've reported on the struggle that many farmers are having because of the difficult weather conditions.

Many are finding it hard to grow their crops because of the downpours earlier this month.

But now a pilot scheme is being trialled by some to try to find new ways of growing their business in other directions.

Hannah Thomas explains how farmers in the Vale of Glamorgan have pitched up six new sites to try and pull in some camping business.