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P..p..p..penguin school has begun!

A summer school for five penguin chicks has opened for the Class of 2015.

Cogsworth and Thumper are in a flap about starting school Credit: Folly Farm

Summer holiday countdown might be on for children in Wales, but for another set of youngsters, ‘school’ is about to start.

The first two penguin chicks at Folly Farm have fledged from the nest and been taken into a special penguin nursery enclosure where they will learn key penguin survival skills.

All five penguin chicks at the zoo have been named after Disney characters - Cogsworth, Bagheera, Abu, Scuttle and Thumper.

Eventually the penguin chicks will re-join their families in the main enclosure Credit: Folly Farm

After a few months at 'Penguin school' they will graduate back into the penguin community in a few months' time.

In the wild, half of all penguin chicks won’t survive by themselves. As they are an endangered species, Folly Farm is one of many zoos that takes the young penguins into a nursery enclosure until their waterproof feathers are fully grown, and they have learned to eat independently.

Abu the penguin will learn the 'bare necessities' at school Credit: Folly Farm

Folly Farm currently has 35 penguins, including the five new chicks. The eldest penguin, at 22 years of age, is Holly, closely followed by her partner of some 20 years, Harry. Penguin life expectancy is around 22 in the wild and 30 in captivity.

Blood and worm ice lollies go down well at the zoo!

It's not just people having a hard time in hot weather - animals are struggling to stay cool too.

Monkeys, meerkats and others at Folly Farm in Kilgetty, west Wales are being treated to some homemade blood and worm ice lollies.


Animals at Folly Farm go crackers for Christmas

The lemurs try to figure out how to open a cracker Credit: Folly Farm Wales

Animals at Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week by opening crackers and hanging up stockings.

Two ring-tailed lemurs are pictured trying to rip open a cracker and three very curious Barbary Macaque monkeys are seen checking out what's inside their stocking.

The pair seem to be getting the hang of it... Credit: Folly Farm Wales
Barbary Macaque monkeys search inside a Christmas stocking Credit: Folly Farm Wales

Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo boasts a collection of over 400 species of exotic animals, many of which are endangered.

For the first time this Christmas, Folly Farm is giving parents the opportunity to purchase the most unusual gift for their children - the ‘Zoo Keeper Experience’.

It gives aspiring Zoo Keepers and animal mad visitors an opportunity to get hands-on with their favourite zoo animals.


P..p..p..please will you marry me? Penguin park proposal!

Alun and new fiancee Jamie-Lee had plenty to celebrate at Folly Farm. Credit: James Davies Photography

Alun Davies surprised his girlfriend Jamie-Lee Jones by proposing in the penguin enclosure at Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire.

Alun got down on one knee to pop the question in front of dozens of visitors - and some of the zoo's feathered residents.

Fortunately for Alun, Jamie-Lee said 'yes'. Credit: James Davies Photography