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Strong winds batter parts of Wales

A severe gale is forecast for parts of the coast. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Strong winds are hitting parts of Wales. A house in Milford Haven had slates blown off overnight. Coastguards there say they've had a gale Force 8/9 but the wind's dropping. Holyhead coastguards say they've had a severe gale Force 9 ( that's 47 - 54 mph) and it's expected to return later.

One lane is closed on the Severn Bridge and there's a 40 mph speed limit; on the Britannia Bridge it's 30 mph.

Gale warning for Wales

The Met Office has a "be aware" warning for strong winds across Wales. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Coastguards say the wind has hit 30 knots (34.5 mph) in Swansea. A severe gale force 9 is forecast for parts of the Welsh coastline. Rough or very rough seas are predicted for shipping areas Lundy and Irish Sea which cover Wales.


  1. James Wright

Sunday Weather

Very strong winds from an unusual northeasterly direction continue to batter Wales through Sunday. Persistent gales and very strong gusts will remain through the rest of the day along with persistent rain, making driving hazardous.

The strongest of the gusts expected to be seen through the far west and north of the country for the rest of the day.

Tonight the main rain band moves off but the centre of the depression brings more heavy rain to southern counties of Wales, adding more strain to river levels.

There continues to be a risk of local flooding where leaves that have blown from trees blocks drains and culverts.