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Foreign students kicked out of university lose case

The foreign students could now be asked to leave the UK.

Over 30 international students who were kicked off their Glyndwr University courses for not doing enough work today failed in a High Court challenge to the college's decision. The mostly Asian accountancy students were part of a wider group who were accused of poor attendance.

But when the case reached the court today, a senior judge rejected their legal challenge to Glyndwr's decision. Each were ordered to pay £500 in legal costs.

The decision means their status in the UK will be reviewed by the Home Office, which will decide whether or not they can stay. However, there was a reprieve for another 23 students, who were told their cases would be looked at again by course bosses.

The students' barrister, Al Mustakim said many of the students had been ill or had been unable to sign in when classes were spot-checked because they were on the toilet.

St Asaph: Glyndwr University helps with telescope project

An artist's impression of the finished telescope Credit: Working Word PR

A team at Glyndwr University St. Asaph are working on a €5m project aiming to help mankind see to within a millisecond of the 'Big Bang'.

A team of 15 engineers are working on prototype mirrors for the 39m telescope, which will be the largest optical and near-infrared telescope in the world.

The telescope, due to be built in Chile in 2023, will eventually need over 900 specialist mirrors.

Glyndwr University says it is determined to secure the manufacturing of the mirrors in north-east Wales. It's claimed the move could create over 60 jobs and contribute €150m to the local economy.

Glyndwr University St Asaph, home to engineers working on the telescope Credit: Working Word PR



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