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London 2012 star was paralysed after not wearing seatbelt

Josie Pearson, a London 2012 Paralympic champion from Hay-on-Wye, is fronting this year's campaign from all four Welsh police forces to highlight the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

She was paralysed in a crash in 2003, when she was not wearing a seatbelt.

She describes how she regrets the day she chose not to put her seatbelt on: "I wish I could go back to that day and not get in the car. Set a good example and put your belt on, it could save your life.”


Paralympian helps Police launch seatbelt campaign

Paralympian Josie Pearson MBE is backing the All Wales Seatbelt Campaign. Credit: PA

Paralympic gold medallist Josie Pearson MBE has teamed up with Gwent Police to launch this year's All Wales Seatbelt Campaign.

Josie sustained life changing injuries which left her paralysed as a result of a road traffic collision that occurred in Goytre, near Abergavenny in 2003. She was not wearing a seatbelt.

The seatbelt campaign will run over the next two weeks and aims to enforce the law of wearing a seatbelt in the front and rear of a vehicle, and prevent people putting their lives at risk in the first place by choosing not to belt up.

Police 'continuing to work closely' with Nida's family

Police say they've stopped all physical searches for missing Newport teenager Nida Naseer.

The initial searches involved specialist officers searching a number of locations in the Pill area of Newport.

The investigation has also involved house-to-house enquiries and ongoing reviews of CCTV from in and around the area.

We are continuing to work closely with Nida's family, and we are providing support to them at this very difficult time.

– Spokeswoman, Gwent Police

Search for missing Newport teenager Nida called off

The 19-year-old from the Pill area of Newport was last seen putting the bins out at her home Credit: Gwent Police

Gwent Police say they've stopped all physical searches for missing Newport teenager Nida Naseer.

She has not been seen since she was reported missing two days after Christmas.

It's thought the 19-year-old left the house barefoot, without her wallet or mobile phone.

Since then her mobile phone has not been used, and no evidence of her being alive or dead has been discovered.

Despite several highly publicised appeals for information, Gwent Police said they have not had any new leads in the case.

While ground searches have stopped, Nida's file remains open, and a dozen dedicated detectives are working on the case.

Her older sister Shamyla, told a press conference earlier this year she believed Nida's disappearance had been caused because she was upset about not being able to go to university.

Despite getting good grades, Nida's status as a failed asylum seeker meant she would not receive any funding to study a degree. Her family could not afford to pay for her studies.

Relatives and police described her disappearance as 'totally out of character' - especially as the teen needs medication which stops her becoming anaemic.

Clare's Law rolled out to Police in Wales and England

A scheme giving women the right to know if a partner has a history of domestic violence will be rolled out to police forces across Wales and England from today.

Clare's Law is a domestic abuse disclosure scheme that allows people to find out if their partner, or potential partner, has a history of abuse or violence.

It also allows others with concerns, such as family members, friends and neighbours, to make an application if they have concerns about the welfare of another person. The scheme has been trialled in Gwent and in some areas of England since September 2012.


Search for Nida Naseer continues two months on

Police are continuing to investigate the whereabouts of a teenager from Newport who went missing two months ago.

Nida Naserr was last seen on December 28

Nida Naseer, who lives in the Pill area of the city, disappeared in December last year. Gwent Police say they're reviewing CCTV from the area.

Fiance: 'Everything I love has just gone in a few moments.'

20-year-old Sophie Williams and her unborn baby died last night, as she travelled home from a Valentines meal with her fiance, 28-year-old Ben Morgan.

She was due to give birth in just two weeks time.

I can't take it in - we were so happy and looking forward to our baby arriving in a couple of weeks. Everything I love has just gone in a few moments.

We had been out for a meal - we didn't have far to travel home.

The impact was all on Sophie's side - she took the full blow.

I am still unable to take in what's happened. This time yesterday, we were laughing and excited about our baby coming soon.

– Ben Morgan, Sophie's fiance

Ben has returned to the scene of the accident to lay flowers for Sophie and his unborn baby girl.

He's due to be interviewed by police about the tragedy.

Her family in Tredegar, Gwent, were too upset to talk of the tragedy yesterday.

Mum-to-be who died in Heads of Valleys crash named locally as 20-year-old Sophie Williams

Floral tributes have been left on the roadside Credit: Wales News

A mum-to-be who was killed in a car crash on the Heads of the Valleys Road yesterday, has been named locally as 20-year-old Sophie Williams from Tredegar.

She was due to have her baby in just two weeks time.

Miss Williams died along with her unborn baby girl as she and her fiance Ben Morgan drove home from a Valentine's meal.

The couple were planning to get married after the baby was born.

They'd been told they were expecting a little girl, and had chosen the name Kayleigh.

The crash happened at 11pm on Friday night during a severe storm at an accident blackspot where roadworks were going on, ironically to turn the road into a dual carriageway, after a high number of fatalities.

Firemen and paramedics freed Sophie from the wreckage and she was taken to Neville Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, but police said doctors were unable to save her and her unborn baby.

Ben and Sophie were in their silver Peugeot 307 when it was in a collision with a blue Peugeot 207 coming the other way.The driver of the other car, a man from Basingstoke, Hampshire, was uninjured but treated for shock.Gwent Police are appealing for anyone who saw the accident to come forward.

Ben is due to be interviewed by police about the tragedy.

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