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Welsh Water work to restore water to homes after burst hydrant in Llandudno Junction

Credit: Daniel Holland

Welsh Water has assured customers that its working to have water restored to their homes within the next few hours following a burst hydrant in Llandudno Junction earlier today.

The company confirmed some residents had to been moved from an area affected by incident.

In a statement, the water company also warned residents to expect discoloured water while the supply returns.

We have been dealing with a burst on the water network in the Llandudno Junction today. The burst was fixed earlier this evening and we are now recharging the main and working to restore water pressure for customers in the area. We anticipate that everything should be back to normal within the next few hours.

As supplies begin to return, some customers may notice a slight discoloration of their tap water. This is not unusual after an incident of this nature and should clear within a short period of time.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may be causing and assure anybody affected that we are doing all we can to restore normal service as quickly as possible.

If anyone has concerns about their water, we would ask they call our operational helpline on 0800 052 0130.

– Welsh Water spokesperson



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