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Welsh site considered for UK's first 'spaceport'

A north Wales airfield has been highlighted as a possible location for a UK 'spaceport'.

Llanbedr airfield, in Gwynedd, is being considered along with 7 other sites by the UK Government. If chosen, it would become Britain's first spaceport and could become a base for commercial flights from 2018.

The chosen site could see commercial flights run from 2018 Credit: PA

UK Business Secretary, Vince Cable, said: "Space is big business for the UK. It already contributes £11.3 billion to the economy each year, supporting nearly 35,000 jobs.

"That’s why it’s important for us to prepare the UK for new launcher technology and take steps towards meeting our ambition of establishing the first British spaceport by 2018."

Other sites that are under consideration include Glasgow and Newquay.



Planning decisions hindering trade says business boss

The managing director of one of Wales' biggest building developers says planning decisions in Gwynedd are forcing his company to stop investing there. Mark Watkin Jones says the company's ecountered more problems with planning in Gwynedd than anywhere else in the UK.

But Gwynedd Council say that around 90 percent of planning applications in the county are granted. Ian lang reports.

Three week black bag collection will be a 'disaster'

Gwynedd is the first in Wales to introduce three week black bag collection. Credit: Paul Fosh Auctions

Councillor Louise Hughes, of LLanegrin in Gwynedd says the move to a three week black bag collection was a big and expensive mistake.

She said, “It’s ridiculous. They did a questionnaire and had almost 2,000 responses and most people said ‘no way’. I can’t believe they’re going to go ahead, it will be a complete, unmitigated disaster.

“What it will mean especially for coastal towns is seagulls will be ripping open bin-bags. What is the point of consultation and then saying ‘we’re going to do it anyway’?”

The new collection regime will come into force in October and will take 18 months to introduce. Gwynedd County Council says it will save £350,000.

Your views on three week collection for black bins

Gwynedd is the first council in Wales to collect black bags every three weeks. Credit: PA

Gwynedd Council has become the first in Wales to introduce black bag collection every three weeks.

Councillors say it'll save £350,000 and recycling and food waste bins will still be collected weekly.

Diana Hulme on Facebook says says, "Do we get a reduction in our council tax to reflect the reduction in the number of collections???? Let me"

Stephen Giffard on Twitter add, " That's good news for rats I suppose."

Ben Jones on Facebook says, "Living with my partner and a 2 year-old baby and the bin is packed to the top after 2 weeks as it is. We recycle its not as if we just throw everything in one bin!"

Mared on Twitter says, "Disgusting health hazard. Are GCC going to slash the council tax to reflect the loss of services? No, I thought not!"

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