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Framework 'to tackle hate crime'

The Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, Jeff Cuthbert, will today launch the Welsh Government's new Tackling Hate Crimes and Incidents - A Framework for Action.

The Framework aims to prevent hate crime, provide support to victims and improve the multi-agency response.

It covers hate crime of all kinds including race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and cyber.

One fifth of hate crime victims consider leaving Wales

One in five victims of hate crime consider leaving Wales altogether, according to new findings from the biggest hate crime study ever carried out in England and Wales. In total, 1,810 respondents completed the survey in Wales, of which 564 identified themselves as victims of hate crime.

The study revealed nearly a third of all victims of hate crime think about moving away from their homes, while four out of every ten victims knew their perpetrator.

Today's report will feed into the Welsh Government's Hate Crime Framework for Action.

Jeff Cuthbert, the Minister for Communities, will today reiterate the Welsh Government's "commitment" to taking action to make Wales "inclusive, equal and fair."