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Cardiff Council 'disappointed' at school policy wording

Cardiff Council says it is 'disappointed' that St. Illtyd’s Catholic High School references outdated legislation in its policy on sex education.

In the online document, the school refers to the controversial Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 - repealed a decade ago - which banned the 'promotion' of homosexuality by local authorities.

The Council is disappointed that the school still refers to out-of-date legislation in an important School Policy document and will be working with the Archdiocesan Authority, School Governing Body and the new Interim Executive Head teacher to correct this immediately.

– Cardiff Council spokesperson

Earlier today the Archdiocese of Cardiff said the school will review the wording of the policy.


Stonewall Cymru: Section 28 'harmful' and 'spiteful'

The Director of Stonewall Cymru has called the now-overturned Section 28 a 'spiteful, harmful piece of legislation' - as two Welsh schools come under scrutiny for appearing to reference it in their sex education policies.

Wales led the way by effectively repealing Section 28 in 2002 - a full year before Westminster.

It’s a real shame that the Welsh schools in question haven’t updated their policy in the past decade.

Regardless of whether a policy is lapsed, if it appears on a school website it forms part of that school’s message to parents and young people.

We are reassured that the schools named have now committed updating their communications.

– Andrew White, Stonewall Cymru Director

Section 28: Cardiff school to 'review policy wording'

St. Illtyd’s Catholic High School in Cardiff says it will review the wording of its online policy on sex education, which makes reference to the now-repealed Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988.

The controversial legislation, which stopped councils 'promoting' homosexuality, was overturned by Tony Blair 10 years ago.

When the new term commences in September, Mrs Anne Robinson, Director of Schools, will ask the school's new Executive Headteacher to review the wording of the policy to ensure that it is fully compliant with the law.

The school was inspected in 2012 and this was not picked up on.

– Archdiocese of Cardiff, on behalf of St. Illtyd’s Catholic High School

Meanwhile Tasker Milward VC School in Haverfordwest, has apologised for 'any distress caused' after an outdated policy on sex education was found to remain on its website. That policy has since been removed.

School apologises for 'old policy' on sex education

A Pembrokeshire school has apologised for 'any distress caused' after an outdated policy on sex education was found to remain on its website.

Tasker Milward VC School, in Haverfordwest, said the document had since been taken down.

It comes as more than 40 UK schools have been accused of sex education policies replicating the now-repealed Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, which stopped councils 'promoting' homosexuality.

The controversial legislation, introduced under former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was the subject of protests before being overturned by Tony Blair in 2003.

The British Humanist Association said it had found that 45 UK schools "continue to have sex and relationships education policies that either replicate Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 or are unhelpfully vague on the issue".

Earlier today the Welsh Government said it would be 'investigating as a matter of urgency', commenting on Twitter: 'We're very concerned to hear reports about Tasker Milward School's sex education policy. The law is very clear in respect of Section 28.'

Tasker Milward quickly tweeted in response, saying: 'TM apologises that an old policy was available on our website, we are committed to equality for all. We do not want to upset anybody.

'Tasker Milward are committed to promoting equality and opportunity for all as stated in our Strategic Equality Plan.'

The school then released a longer statement, saying: 'The Sex Education policy on the Tasker Milward school website was an old policy not in operation and which had not been deleted.

'The school does have a current Strategic Equality Plan, further details of which can be obtained directly from the school.

'The headteacher, Maggie Haynes, apologises for any distress that the failure to remove the old policy from the website may have caused.'


Road closure update: Haverfordwest

With the exception of the A4076 exit/access, the Merlins Bridge roundabout in Haverfordwest has now re-opened to cars and vans following the collision between a mobile crane and a fuel tanker earlier today.

However, large vehicles which are asked to use the Cleddau Bridge diversion route.

The A4076 from Johnston to Haverfordwest is likely to remain closed for the remainder of the day.

Petrol clean-up after fuel tanker crash

A clean-up operation is underway in Haverfordwest after a fuel tanker ruptured following a collision with a crane this morning.

Dyfed-Powys Police say nobody was hurt in the incident, but that a 'substantial amount' of fuel leaked from the tanker.

Specialist equipment is being used to remove the fuel spillage and the road is going to be closed for a protracted period of time, up to 24 hours.

– Dyfed Powys Police statement

Johnston Road, Old Hakin Road, Freemans Way and Pembroke road are closed, and diversions are in place.

Based on the information currently available, we regard the potential impact on public health as minimal. We will continue to work with partner agencies to assess the situation if new information becomes available.

– Public Health Wales

Welsh Bradley Manning play wins award

The play was first performed at Tasker Milward School in Haverfordwest, Manning's old school.

A Welsh play about Bradley Manning, the American soldier who passed military secrets to WikiLeaks, has won an award for drama.

'The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning', produced by National Theatre Wales, has been given the first James Tait Black Prize for Drama.

Manning spent four years at school in Haverfordwest.

It was written by Tim Price, and charts his radicalisation from those teenage years in Wales to the present day.

Manning was convicted of espionage charges by a US military court last week, but acquitted of the most serious charge against him - aiding the enemy.

The £10,000 award is the first of a new drama category in Britain's oldest literary awards. It was launched last year by the University of Edinburgh.

Tim Price said: "I am thrilled to be recognised by such a prestigious award, and honoured to be chosen as winner from such a fantastic shortlist of plays - that it is the first time a category for drama has been added to the James Tait Black Prizes is even more exciting."

The play is currently being performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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