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House prices and sales expected to grow this year

RICS say house sales are at their highest level in almost six years. Credit: PA

House prices and sales are expected to grow this year thanks to help to buy schemes and demand outstripping supply, according to a group of chartered surveyors.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) say sales are at their highest level in almost six years and that it is helping with the recovery of the property sector.


Figures reveal drop in house prices in Wales

The average Welsh home costs around £160,000 Credit: Michael Walter/PA Archive/Press Association Images

House prices in Wales fell by 0.7% in the 12 months to July, according to the Office for National Statistics.

That compares with a 3.7% rise in England, a 2.0% fall in Scotland and 1.8% rise in Northern Ireland.

The average house price here stands at around £160,000.

House prices rise fastest in Wales

RICS says house prices across the UK are rising at their fastest pace since 2006. Credit: PA

House prices have risen faster in Wales than any other part of the UK, according to official figures released today.

House prices here were 4.3 percent higher in June 2013, compared to June last year.

England saw a 3.3 percent increase, while prices fell 0.9 percent in Scotland, and 0.4 percent in Northern Ireland, the Office for National Statistics confirmed.

Meanwhile, chartered surveyors organisation RICS says the housing market in Wales "appears to have finally turned a corner as buyers returned to the market and prices increased."

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Housing market in Wales improving

houe prices
More people are buying and selling than in recent years Credit: PA

The Welsh housing market seems to be improving as more people are looking to buy and sell. Surveyors' organisation, RICS, also says last month saw the most positive reading since the start of the year.

Consequentially, prices rose rose in Wales last month and looking ahead, the RICS say prices across Wales will continue to rise.


House prices up in Wales

House prices have risen in Wales. Credit: PA

Official figures show house prices across Wales rose in February to an average of £160,000.

That's up by just over 4 percent, one of the biggest rises in the UK, just behind London.

The average cost of a UK house is around £233,000.

House prices rise in Wales

The average house price in Wales is about £150,000 Credit: Howard Brundrett/Eye Ubiquitous/Press Association Images

House prices are up, a little, in Wales.

Official figures show, in the year up to January, the average price here rose by just under 14 hundred pounds to just over 1 hundred and 50 thousand.

The average price of a house, across the UK, now stands at almost 1 hundred and 80 thousand pounds but that excludes London and the South East of England.

House prices fall in Wales - as they rise for UK

A woman looking at houses
There were fewer house sales in the autumn of 2012, with the Olympics labelled as a distraction Credit: David Cheskin / PA Wire / Press Association Images

House prices fell further in Wales than any other part of the UK in November, according to official figures released today. They show a 1.6% drop here month-on-month, taking the average price to £115,202. That's 0.9% lower than a year before.

The figures show prices struggling in Wales in comparison with the rest of the UK. House prices increased by a UK-wide average of 0.3% in November, to reach £161,490 - that's 0.9% higher than at the same time last year.

Increased confidence in housing market

House prices
Enquiries from would-be house-buyers rose for the second month in a row Credit: Paul Faith / PA Wire / Press Association Images

Confidence in the housing market continues to grow in Wales, according to the latest survey from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Last month's figures show a rise in potential buyers and a drop in house prices. But experts say many are still struggling to get mortgages.

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