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A legacy for our children's children says minister

The Welsh Government says it's setting ambitious goals for the legacy that it and other public bodies leave future generations. The minister in charge of the legislation says a new law will require them to make decisions that leave a positive legacy for our children, and children’s children.

The 'Well-being of Future Generations Bill' will set ambitious, long-term economic, social and environmental goals to reflect the Wales we want to see, both now and in the future. By putting these goals into law, public services in Wales will work towards achieving a prosperous, resilient, healthier, more equal Wales with cohesive communities and a vibrant and thriving culture and Welsh language.This unique bill is all about our generation taking responsibility for improving the well-being of Wales and providing a sustainable Wales now and for decades to come.

We are setting goals for the long-term wellbeing of Wales. This includes people and communities, our economy and the environment in which live. We need to move away from just making short-term decisions over a four or five year period of government to decisions that will have a positive effect in the longer term. Our vision is to make a step change in delivering services from one where we try to fix problems after they have happened to one where we act early to protect and improve our economy, society and environment.”

– Jeff Cuthbert AM, Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty

Mr Cuthbert said one example is the Welsh Government's work to promote healthier lifestyles and campaigns on obesity, smoking and alcohol to help improve people’s health and help manage future demand on NHS Wales.

New ministers take their places

The reshuffle caused by Leighton Andrews' resignation has led to a new role in cabinet for Huw Lewis and a promotion to cabinet for Jeff Cuthbert. In addition, two new deputy minister, Vaughan Gething and Ken Skates, join the Welsh Government for the first time.

The new government in full is as follows

  • Rt Hon Carwyn Jones AM First Minister
  • Edwina Hart AM Minister for Economy, Science & Transport
  • Mark Drakeford AM Minister for Health & Social Services
  • Jeff Cuthbert AM Minister for Communities & Tackling Poverty
  • Lesley Griffiths AM Minister for Local Government & Government Business
  • Jane Hutt AM Minister for Finance
  • John Griffiths AM Minister for Culture & Sport
  • Huw Lewis AM Minister for Education & Skills
  • Carl Sargeant AM Minister for Housing & Regeneration
  • Alun Davies AM Minister for Natural Resources & Food
  • Gwenda Thomas AM Deputy Minister for Social Services
  • Ken Skates AM Deputy Minister for Skills & Technology
  • Vaughan Gething AM Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty