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Poll reflects that Wales benefits from EU say Plaid

Plaid Cymru says the ITV Cymru Wales poll showing a majority in Wales for keeping Britain in the European Union links EU membership with the Welsh national interest. The party argues that it if a UK majority voted to leave, it would still be wrong to override Wales' wish to stay in the EU.

These figures show that many people in Wales recognise that membership of the EU is in the Welsh national interest. They are also evidence of the need for a full, open and honest debate on Wales in the EU. I have published research that proves that the people of Wales benefit from EU membership. Wales needs EU funding to strengthen the economy, create much needed jobs and develop our infrastructure.

There need to be changes in the EU to make it more democratic and representative. We need to look at where decisions are made, and what powers would be used most effectively in the Assembly, working closely with the EU. In the event of a referendum where Wales voted to stay in the EU, the democratic will of the Welsh people must be respected.

– Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans