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"Carwyn and I are going to get along fine" says Corbyn

Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn, on a visit to the Aneurin Bevan Stones near Tredegar, has claimed that he would have a good working relationship with First Minister Carwyn Jones, who's said that the veteran leftwinger would be "an unusual choice" of party leader.

Earlier Mr Corbyn said his campaign needed to be a bit cautious about a poll giving him a commanding lead in the leadership contest but when he was asked about how he'd get on with the First Minister, he talked as if he expected to be Labour leader.

Carwyn and I are going to get along fine ... perhaps we can narrow the clear red water [between Labour in Wales and at Westminster] -and walk across it.

– Jeremy Corbyn MP

Mr Corby added that a big movement was growing "full of optimism and hope".

Labour leader hopeful Jeremy Corbyn continues Wales tour

Jeremy Corbyn is the current frontrunner for the Labour leadership. Credit: PA

Labour leader hopeful Jeremy Corbyn will continue his two day tour of Wales later, with a trip to Tredegar and Cardiff.

It'll be a chance for Labour supporters to hear some of his messages and political viewpoints.

Mr Corbyn perviously said he wouldn't rule out a return for mining to South Wales.

A decision on the leadership will be announced in September.

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Labour candidate apologises for Tippex comments

A Labour election candidate has apologised for anti-English remarks he made online nine years ago.

Huw Thomas urged throwing tippex on cars. Credit:

Huw Thomas, who's standing in Ceredigion, suggested throwing Tippex over cars flying England flags during the 2006 World Cup. He said they showed that Wales had been infiltrated by immigrants. Today he said he apologised wholeheartedly and deeply regretted his words.

Ed Miliband: There are 'huge challenges' facing Welsh hospitals and schools

Labour leader Ed Miliband has told ITV News there are 'huge challenges' facing Welsh hospitals and schools - but he also praised the work that the Welsh Government is doing.

Mr Miliband has faced months of taunts from Prime Minister David Cameron about the state of Wales' health and education services.

Today Mr Miliband held a summit with Welsh Labour leaders to thrash out how they'll defend the party's record in Wales ahead of the Westminster elections next year.

Ed Miliband 'incredibly proud' of Labour record in Wales

Ed Miliband told our Political Editor Adrian Masters he is "incredibly proud" of the Labour Welsh Government's record in Wales.

Visiting today alongside his Shadow Cabinet, he pointed to the success of Jobs Growth Wales, and defended its handling of the economy in Wales, and the NHS here.

He also laughed off a question about a tweet sent from the Labour press team, reading 'Everybody should have his own owl', after their Twitter account was apparently hacked.

Watch our presenters' extended studio interview with Labour leader Ed Miliband on ITV News Cymru Wales at 6pm

Senior Labour politicians in Q&A and South Wales visits

Labour leader Ed Miliband joined Owen Smith and Carwyn Jones for a Q&A session with workers at GE Aviation in Nantgarw this lunchtime.

Members of the Shadow Cabinet and Welsh Government ministers went out on a series of visits around South Wales.

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