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Carwyn Jones says Labour could go into government with Lib Dems

Carwyn Jones says Ed Miliband has not ruled out a coalition government completely.

Talking to ITV News, the First Minister said that there "may be an opportunity" with the Liberal Democrats, although added he wanted a Labour majority.

It comes as Ed Miliband has ruled out deals with Plaid Cymru and the SNP.

Ed Miliband was in Cardiff as part of a day long campaign that will see him visiting Wales, Scotland and England.

He told around 200 of the party faithful at the Wales Millennium Centre that this election is "going to come down to the wire".


Ed Miliband in Cardiff for second time in a week

Ed Miliband is in Cardiff for the second time this week as part of the Labour party's election campaign.

Ed takes questions from 'undecided voters' in Barry

Ed Miliband said his meeting with comedian Russell Brand has made the general election campaign "more interesting" despite David Cameron criticising the move as a "joke".

Mr Miliband is campaigning in south Wales on Tuesday and said, "I decided that some people were saying the campaign was too boring so I thought it would make it more interesting."

On Tuesday afternoon the Labour leader held a question and answer session in Barry's Memorial Hall with what the party called undecided voters.

'I won't do a deal with Plaid' Miliband tells ITV Wales

The Labour leader Ed Miliband has told ITV Wales News that he won't do a deal with Plaid Cymru if Labour win a minority government, he also ruled out working with the Scottish National Party.

The Labour leader arriving at ITV Cymru Wales in Cardiff. Credit: ITV Wales News

In an interview at ITV Wales in Cardiff Mr Miliband also said it was up to the Welsh Government to decide which Labour policies it wanted to adopt such as rent control and stamp duty.

Ed Miliband interviewed by ITV Wales' Political Editor Adrian Masters. Credit: ITV Wales News

Speaking to ITV Wales' Political Editor, Adrian Masters, Mr Miliband said he was also trying to reach out to younger voters. When asked about an interview he did with comedian Russell Brand, the Labour leader said people would have to wait to see if Brand endorsed him.


Owen Smith: Labour will 'stand up for working people'

Labour's Owen Smith has said that next month's General Election will be a 'fundamental choice' between a Labour and Tory government.

He also said that his party will 'stand up for working people in Wales and across Britain'.

Owen Smith has said that next month's election will be between the Labour Party and the Conservatives. Credit: ITV News

Miliband visits Flintshire supermarket on campaign trail

Labour leader Ed Miliband has been in Flintshire today, his first visit to Wales as part of the party's General Election Campaign.

Speaking to ITV News he said he hadn't taken Wales for granted, and promised we'd see more of him here before May 7th.

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