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Tories to get rid of 'Welsh Secretary' post prediction

Wales' First Minister Carwyn Jones says he believes the newly elected Conservative Government will do away with the post of Welsh Secretary at the cabinet table.

Speaking to ITV Cymru Wales Mr Jones said he didn't believe the Tories would appoint ministers for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but would appoint a single minister to cover all three nations.



  1. Nick Powell

Gower: A Labour bastion falls after more than a century

The symbolic significance of Gower going Conservative is hard to overstate. It has been a Labour seat since before the First World War, electing one of the party's first MPs. Labour have sometimes been at risk of losing it since much of the Swansea Valley was taken out of the constituency in 1983 and there was Conservative optimism at the start of the 2015 campaign. They launched the Welsh campaign in Rhosili on the tip of the peninsular but had become more cautious about their prospects recently. Labour certainly thought that they had done enough.

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