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Ely hit-and-run service: 'Healing work will take a very, very long time'

People leave following a special service of prayer at The Church of the Resurrection in Ely Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

"There can be no one who has not been profoundly affected by what has happened here this week" Reverend Jan Gould told a packed congregation in Ely tonight.

"This grief, of Karina's tragic death... has broken the heart of our community, and the healing work that is now to be done will take a very, very long time."

The congregation begins to disperse Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Tributes and reflection in Ely service for Cardiff hit-and-run victims

A church service has been held to pay tribute to the young woman who died in the series of hit and run incidents in Cardiff on Friday.

Karina Menzies, who was 31, was killed outside Ely fire station by a van which also mowed down thirteen others in the space of half an hour.

A 31-year-old man is being questioned on suspicion of murder.

Hannah Thomas reports on tonight's special service and a vigil which took place earlier today.

Ely vicar: Cardiff hit-and-runs "have broken the heart of our community"

Reverend Jan Gould addressing the congregation Credit: ITV News

Reverend Jan Gould, who has taken the church service for victims of the Cardiff hit-and-runs this evening, has pleaded with people not to "harbour revenge" against the perpetrator:

"If people aren't able to forgive, they will never really move on from this because harbouring revenge and anger, in the end, can only be destructive" she said.

In this afternoon's service, she described the aftermath of Friday's events as "perhaps the deepest grief that we have shared as a community".

She added that the hit-and-runs have "broken the heart of our community".


Cardiff hit-and-runs: Welsh Secretary praises emergency services

Cardiff West MP: Community wants 'justice' for hit-and-run victims

Kevin Brennan, Labour MP for Cardiff West, says people in Ely and Leckwith are "devastated" by Friday's hit-and-run attacks.

Once the anger subsides, which is understandable because of what's happened, what people will want to see is justice for the victims. I think the community in Ely are devastated really by what's happened.

This is a very close-knit community, it's not a very wealthy one, but it is rich in community spirit. I think first of all people have been shocked, they have been asking the reason why, and now they're beginning - as this community does - to rally round the victims.

– Kevin Brennan MP
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