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Will you be the first gay couple to marry in Wales?

Same sex marriages will be legal in Wales from midnight tonight. Credit: PA

Same sex couples will be able to wed from the stroke of midnight tonight as the new law permitting same sex marriage comes into force.

As the clock strikes 12, gay couples will be able to wed in the first ever ceremonies in England and Wales.

A number of couples are vying to claim the title of being the first ever to be married in Britain by trying to time it perfectly so their vows are said just seconds after midnight.

While whoever says the words "I do" first thing tomorrow morning can claim the title of first gay couple to be wed in the UK, other couples who previously married abroad have already had their unions recognised. Five couples will be married in Brighton on the first day that the Act comes into force.

Are you planning a same sex marriage in Wales this weekend? If so, let us know about your preparations and perhaps invite us along!

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Archbishop 'delighted' to support gay & lesbian service

Dr Barry Morgan is a supporter of Wales' gay and lesbian community Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Wire

The Archbishop of Wales will be a guest of honour this year at a Christmas carol service organised by the South Wales Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM).

Dr Barry Morgan said he was 'delighted' to support the fundraiser, adding: "Christmas is a time when we remember that God made all people in his own image and loves us all.

"Christ was born in a stable to parents who were refugees and he spent his life with those on the fringes of society or who were victimised because of what they were, and challenging those in authority. I think this is still a relevant message for today.”

As well as carols and readings, the service will include performances from the South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus and women’s choir The Songbirds.

Janet Jeffries, spokesperson for LGCM, said: “We are very honoured that the Archbishop has agreed to attend our Christmas carols at what must be a very busy time of year for him.

"We very much appreciate the support he has shown to the lesbian and gay community, both at this event and by opening the Cardiff Mardi Gras earlier this year.”

'Over half' of gay and lesbian pupils experience bullying

Stonewall Cymru education officer Luke Young says he is surprised to learn of large numbers of schools in south-east Wales with no recorded cases of homophobic bullying.

Our most recent research, the School Report 2012, shows that over half of all lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils experience homophobic bullying.

With such widespread reports it's surprising to find such a large number of schools in the area have reported no incidents.

We know that when schools monitor homophobic incidents and act on the information they have the rate of bullying falls.

South Wales East AM Lindsay Whittle has urged schools to identify homophobic bullying as a separate issue.

Homophobic bullying figure 'could be tip of iceberg'

Research by Stonewall shows over half of all lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils experience homophobic bullying Credit: David Davies/PA Wire

Recorded cases of homophobic bullying in schools could be 'the tip of the iceberg', an Assembly Member has warned.

South Wales East AM Lindsay Whittle submitted a freedom of information request to schools in his region asking how many anti-gay incidents headteachers had to deal with in a five-year period.

Seventy-one incidents emerged in total - but some schools had no recorded cases at all.

Research by lesbian, gay and bisexual charity Stonewall has shown that over half of all lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils experience homophobic bullying.

Mr Whittle said: "The fact that many schools have no recorded incidents of homophobic bullying over the past five years makes me think whether or not all schools identify homophobic bullying separately from bullying accusations generally.

"I believe these figures are probably the tip of the iceberg and I urge all schools to treat the issue of homophobic bullying with the seriousness it deserves, record incidents and take the appropriate action when necessary."


Swansea Pride enters its fifth year

A rainbow flag Credit: PA

The fifth Swansea Pride gets underway today. Thousands are expected to descend of the city for the LGBT pride event for South West Wales.

Swansea Pride will feature an "Equali-tea Party" where a broad range of elected officials will meet, over afternoon tea in the VIP Enclosure, to discuss LGBT equality and reflect on the progress made this year.

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