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Swansea residents report feeling small earthquake


Did we just have a little earthquake in Swansea? The walls of my house & all my furniture just shook for like 3 seconds. Weird.


Erm, anyone else in the Swansea area just felt their house move? #earthquake?

Tuberculosis tests for 700 more at Llanelli school

Over 700 further pupils and staff at a school in Llanelli are being offered tests for tuberculosis, after nine people at the school tested positive for the infection during previous screening sessions.

There will now be a third round of screening for tuberculosis at Ysgol y Strade.

In October and December, 339 pupils and 100 members of staff at Ysgol y Strade were screened for TB, as part of investigations following a member of staff being diagnosed with the infection.

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Six pupils and three members of staff have received positive blood test results, but Public Health Wales says none are infectious, and there is no risk of them passing the infection to others.

As a precaution, screening will now be offered to remaining pupils and staff - a total of 726 people, who were not in as close contact with the infected person - at the start of March.

There is more information on tuberculosis on the Public Health Wales website


Armed police at incident in Llanelli

A map of where the incident in Llanelli is taking place Credit: ITV Wales

Armed police are at an ongoing incident on Station Road in Llanelli. Sgt Justin Evans said: "We are acting on information and we need to track down a suspect. It's an ongoing incident on Station Road armed officers are in attendance and the road is closed off."

Police say there is no more information available at this time.

Llanelli gas leak

80 homes were evacuated in the Llanerch area of Llanelli tonight following a gas leak. Concerns were raised just after 6pm this evening. The fire service and utility company decided to evacuate people to Llanelli Leisure Centre.

People have now been allowed to return to their homes. No one was injured, and work will continue tonight to ensure the gas leak is repaired.

“We thank the local residents for their co-operation and understanding during this evacuation process. We understand the inconvenience but it was absolutely necessary in order to ensure the safety of all in the area. The utility company will continue with their efforts, and officers will remain at the scene to assist them. Traffic will also be restricted in the area for a period of time to enable the utility company to complete their work."

– Superintendent Ian John, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Man hit by train in Swansea

The incident happened close to the Loughor Bridge Credit: ITV News Wales

A man has died after being hit by a train in Swansea this evening.

The person died shortly after 5pm on a section of line close to Loughour Bridge in Gowerton.

British Transport Police are investigating and say the death is not being treated as suspicious.

A British Transport Police spokesperson said:

"Officers from BTP and Dyfed Powys Police Officers attended the incident and is currently being treated as non-suspicious. Paramedics from the Dyfed Powys Ambulance Service also attended but the man was pronounced dead at the scene."

Further TB screening offered at Llanelli school

The most common symptom of TB is a persistent cough Credit: Public Health Wales

More than two hundred pupils and almost a hundred staff will be offered screening for tuberculosis (TB) today at Ysgol y Strade school in Llanelli, as a precaution.

It follows screening last month which revealed positive test results in three pupils and a member of staff.

Experts say the risk of spreading the infection is low, and there is believed to be no ongoing risk within the school.

Sion Lingard, Chair of the Incident Control Team said:

"We are emphasising to pupils, parents and staff that it is rare for TB to be transmitted within a school environment.

"Further screening is being carried out due to the very small risk that others may have picked up the infection within the school. All those who are likely to have had some form of contact with the infectious staff member will be screened."


TB screening at Llanelli school

Around 150 staff and pupils at a school in Llanelli have been screened for Tuberculosis after a member of staff was diagnosed with the infection last week.

Health officials say the chance of anyone catching the infection at Ysgol y Strade is low. Parents say they're happy with the way the school has dealt with the issue but they still have some concerns. Alexandra Lodge reports.

Public Health Wales: 'low' risk of infection spreading

Public Health Wales is encouraging parents to get their children screened for TB, although it says the risk of the infection spreading within the school is low.

Screening for tuberculosis will today be offered to pupils at Ysgol y Strade school in Llanelli.

The blood test is being offered as a precaution.

The 124 pupils at the secondary school are those identified as having around eight hours of close contact with the member of staff.

Tests will also be offered to 21 members of staff identified as close contacts of the patient.

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TB screening given to Llanelli pupils

Pupils at a school in Llanelli will today be offered a blood test to check for Tuberculosis after a teacher was diagnosed with the disease last week.

The screening is also being offered to 21 staff members at Ysgol y Strade.

Public Health Wales are encouraging parents to get their children screened for TB, although they say the risk of the infection spreading within the school is low .

Hospital patients watch films while in operating theatre

Patients at the Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli can now watch DVDs while they are having surgery.

After a successful fundraiser to buy iPods for patients, staff found they had some money left over - and had the idea to buy a portable DVD player, to enable patients to watch films and TV to pass the time in surgery and recovery.

Hospital staff Felicity Kelly, Kim Jones and David Jones show off the new DVD players. Credit: Hywel Dda Local Health Board

Geoff Thomas, from Pemberton in Llanelli, was the first patient to benefit: "Being able to watch something whilst in surgery was a great help to pass the time. The distraction really helped my experience.”

Nurse manager Angela Festa, who works in Recovery Anaesthetics at Prince Philip Hospital, said: "There are studies that show that the use of music and television is therapeutic and can ease the stress of surgery."

"Now that we can offer sedation or Pirates of the Caribbean, it is amazing to see how much quicker our patients recover after their surgery when choosing to stay alert to watch a film."

Patients due to receive a spinal anaesthetic at Prince Philip Hospital are now offered the choice to watch a film or listen to music during their surgery. They can choose from a number of DVDs - or bring their own.

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