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Body recovered from disused quarry in Llangollen

The body of a man has been recovered from a disused quarry in the Llangollen area.

The man, who has yet to be identified but is believed to be from the Leicestershire area, was diving yesterday afternoon with two others at Aber Las in the Natyr area of Llangollen, when he got into difficulties.

Ambulance crew alerted police to the incident after the alarm was raised by the man's co-divers.

“During the early hours of this morning the body of a man was recovered from the disused quarry. The next of kin have been informed. North Wales Police are not treating the death as suspicious at this time however officers will continue to undertake inquiries on behalf of the Coroner. A file will be submitted in due course.”

– Siobhan Edwards, Temporary Chief Inspector, North Wales Police


Audience applaud surprise proposal at festival

David proposes to Elise before concert goes at Llangollen.

Festival goers in Llangollen got more entertainment than they bargained for when a Wrexham man proposed to his girlfriend before a concert began.

As an audience of thousands looked on as 28-year-old David Jackson of Ruabon, went up on stage and down on one knee to romantically pop the question to Elise Davies, 26, at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod.

Elise said, “I had no idea David was going to ask me to marry him, especially in such a public place. I was absolutely gobsmacked when he did it and couldn’t speak for a few seconds but then I said yes because the whole thing was so romantic.”

The audience at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod cheered them on.

The couple haven't named the day just yet as they are waiting for their first baby to be born.

Silverback spoon gorilla swings into Llangollen

A three and a half tonne gorilla made from spoons has landed at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

Spoons for the silverback have been donated from across the world.

Famous spoon-bender Uri Geller challenged a team at the British Ironworks Centre in Oswestry to make it.

The 12ft-high statue is made from 40,000 items of cutlery and has taken almost five months to build.

The giant silver primate is spending the week at the Llangollen Eisteddfod before starting a UK tour.


Top Welsh Tories put differences aside for conference

David Jones and Andrew RT Davies with David Cameron in 2013 Credit: ITV News/Adrian Masters

The two most senior figures in the Welsh Conservatives will return to the matter which has so divided them in recent months and led to the sacking of four Tory frontbenchers. But they've put their differences aside, or at least won't be referring to them in public this weekend.

David Jones and Andrew RT Davies will both deliver speeches to the Welsh Conservative conference in Llangollen. They'll both criticise Labour's record of running public services here in Wales and they'll both highlight what their party is achieving for Wales through the UK Government.

They'll both also talk about the devolution of income tax power to Wales but you won't be able to spot much difference between them on the form of income tax power which is being devolved. No mention of the dreaded 'lockstep.'

It doesn't mean the differences have gone away though. It was pointed out to me that the Prime Minister's repeated references to Andrew RT Davies and his commitment to low taxes in Wales amounted to an implicit endorsement of his stance.

But if the differences remain, the heat has certainly been taken out of the dispute in public at least. Anyway, most of this weekend's speeches have concentrated on attacking Welsh Labour's running of public services in Wales.

That at least is something on which they can all agree.

Welsh Tory leader on Labour's 'war against ambition'

The Welsh Conservative leader will accuse Labour ministers in Cardiff of being 'in office but not in control.'

Andrew RT Davies is expected to pick up on Welsh Labour's claim that repeated criticism of its running of public services amounts to a 'war on Wales.' Mr Davies will say the Conservatives are fighting, but fighting against Labour.

Their management of the Welsh NHS as we heard from Jeremy Hunt and Darren Millar yesterday is scandalous. That’s why we’re fighting. For every single child failed of a decent education. For every patient left waiting in agony.For every single person who wants a successful business but can’t because of Labour’s regulations.

Labour has had 15 years at the helm. They might be in office, but they are not in control. Just look at their record: 1 in 7 on an NHS waiting list. The worst education results in Western Europe. A nationalised airport. When you listen to a record like that, you realise who is really at war. A war against ambition.

– Andrew RT Davies, Welsh Conservative leader

Welsh Secretary taunts First Minister as 'the Peter Pan of politics'

The Welsh Secretary will call on the First Minister to commit to a referendum on income tax powers for Wales or risk being seen as 'the Peter Pan of Welsh politics.' David Jones will tell his party's conference in Llangollen that tax responsibility is part of 'grown up government.'

We think that there should be an early referendum, that there should be a campaign for a ‘yes’ vote and that that campaign should be based on a commitment to cut the Welsh rate of tax. We Conservatives believe in low taxation because it’s good for the economy. And we believe in lower taxation in Wales, because it will give Wales a competitive edge. It will stimulate enterprise. It will give Welsh people – all Welsh people - more money in their pockets to spend with Welsh businesses. In short, it will be good for Wales.

So I invite Carwyn Jones to commit to that early referendum and commit the Labour Party in Wales to lower taxes, too. Let’s see if he has the ambition, and is brave enough, to do that. To accept the accountability that should go with grown-up government. Or if he wants to be the Peter Pan of Welsh politics.The eternal political adolescent. The First Minister who never grew up.

– David Jones MP, Secretary of State for Wales
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