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Pictured: Protestors demonstrate over ISIS on M4

Protestors are pictured holding flags and waving placards as they demonstrated on the M4 Severn Bridge crossing this afternoon.

Credit: Cae Trayhern
Credit: Cae Trayhern

There was a heavy police presence as officers from Gwent Police attempted to escort the protestors, believed to be demonstrating over the treatment of Iraqi Kurds by ISIS, off the main carriageway.

Credit: Cae Trayhern

Protest over 'ISIS treatment of Iraqi Kurds'

Gwent Police say they believe the protest is over treatment of the Iraqi Kurds at the hands of ISIS.

Traffic has begun moving slowly as police attempt to escort the protestors to the M4 tolls and off the main carriageway.


Pictured: Protestors seen with placards on M4

These pictures show protestors hanging out of their cards as they travel along the M4 after holding a demonstration on the westbound Severn Bridge.

Protestors get 'out of their cars' as police attempt to escort them towards tolls

M4 tolls empty as police deal with protest


Protest also causing tailbacks on Old Severn Bridge

Delays on the M48 Severn Bridge Westbound Credit: ITV Wales/Carl Edwards

The protest on the M4 Severn Bridge is causing delays on the M48 Severn Bridge too, as motorists try to get back into Wales.

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The protest is taking place on the M4 Severn Bridge

Police say they're balancing rights of protestors and motorists

Gwent Police have told ITV News that they are trying to balance the rights of the protestors with that of the motorists as they deal with an ongoing demonstration westbound on the Severn Bridge:

“At the moment [we are] there to balance the competing rights of the protestors with that of the motorists, and our aim is to ensure that the protest passes in a safe and peaceful way and everybody stays safe”.

– Inspector Micah Hassell, Gwent Police

Disruption on Severn Bridge due to 'protest'

There is traffic disruption on the M4 this afternoon due to a number of demonstrators protesting in the middle lane westbound of the Severn Crossing.

Gwent Police say officers are engaging with them to establish what their plans are.

Credit: Sion Ifan Davies
Traffic is seen to be at a standstill on the M4 Severn Bridge Credit: Sion Ifan Davies

"Our priority is the safety of those involved and motorists and also to ensure the free flow of traffic. We have adequate resources together with our partners to ensure all eventualities are dealt with appropriately.”

– Gwent Police spokesperson
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