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One in six people with cancer suffer with loneliness

New research by Macmillan suggests that one in six people living with cancer in Wales suffer with loneliness as a result of their cancer.

The research also suggests that lonely people with cancer are more likely to drink more alcohol, will not leave the house for days and have problems sleeping.

Loneliness is blighting the lives of more than 19,200 cancer patients in Wales.

It's hard enough for people being hit with the devastating news that they have cancer, without having to suffer the additional effects that being lonely brings.

This is a growing problem which is only set to get worse as the number of people diagnosed with cancer in Wales doubles from 120,000 to 240,000 in the next 20 years.

– Susan Morris, Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales

Pub manager all set for year in a onesie

The manager of the Nag's Head in Aberystwyth hopes to raise thousands of pounds in donations for Macmillan Cancer Support by wearing a onesie every day for a year. Chris Kiff says he will not return to his normal shirt and trousers until January 2015.

"I'm walking around in an adult babygro. It's completely against what I would normally wear.

"But I've had friends and family who had to deal with cancer. I think the people at Macmillan are just great.

"And I wanted to do something to help that was a bit of fun.

"When I think of Macmillan, I think of comfort and support - and what could be more comfortable than a onesie?"

– Chris Kiff

Chris said his collection was growing. "People are donating them, I've bought a few more, I've borrowed some," he said.

"Maybe I'll auction them off when I've finished."

Onesie man's quest to raise money for charity

Chris Kiff plans to wear a onesie until January 2015 to raise money for charity Credit: PA

A pub manager from Aberystwyth plans to wear a onesie every day for a year to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Chris Kiff, who is nearly 6ft tall, says he will not return to his normal shirt and trousers until January 2015.


Results of cancer patient experience survey released

Health Minister Mark Drakeford has today published the results of the first ever Cancer Patient Experience Survey produced by the Welsh Government and Macmillan Cancer Support.

The survey reports the views of 7,352 cancer patients in Wales, with 89 per cent of those who responded saying the care they received was either excellent or very good.

However, the results show that some believe that they did not get enough support from locally-based health and social services.

It is also thought that people with rarer forms of cancer are more likely to be less positive about the care they received.

Macmillan cancer report: 'We must tackle isolation now'

With the number of cancer patients in Wales set to double from 120,000 to 240,000 by 2030, cancer charities say the issue of isolation must be tackled 'immediately'.

It comes as a report by Macmillan reveals almost one in five people diagnosed with cancer here each year lack support from their family and friends.

This research shows that isolation can have a truly shattering impact on people living with cancer. Patients are going hungry, missing medical appointments and even deciding to reject treatment altogether which could be putting their lives at risk - all because of a lack of support. But these figures are just the tip of the iceberg.

– Susan Morris, Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales
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