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Fake vodka 'which can cause blindness' found in corner shop

Isopropanol,a chemical used in cleaning products, was found in the vodka. Credit: Jackal1/Flickr

Bottles of fake vodka which can allegedly turn drinkers blind have been found being sold illegally in a corner shop in Maesteg.

Bridgend Magistrates court heard yesterday how a chemical called Isopropanol, used in cleaning products, was discovered in nine bottles of counterfeit vodka being sold on the shelves of Picton Stores in the village.

Shopkeeper Mahesh Patel admitted buying the fake bottles from a man 'who looked the part', and told him they were genuine.

Prosecutor Katia Daw told the court that incorrect labels on the bottles alerted trading standards, and should have been spotted by Patel. She added that a 'regular consumer would not know.'

Mr Patel has been sentenced to a six-month community order where he will be electronically tagged and subject to a night-time curfew.

He was also ordered to pay £1,686 in costs.

Proceeds from Maesteg carol concert to be donated to the family of Ashley Talbot

A Maesteg male voice choir will donate the proceeds from its annual carol singing concert to the family of Ashley Robert. The 15-year-old was killed in a crash outside his comprehensive school last week.

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Ashley Talbot died in a collision at Maesteg Comprehensive School last week.

The teenager's classmates will join the Maesteg Gleeman choir for a performance at the town's Tesco store from 5pm this evening.

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Appeal over missing teenager Connor Clifford Lewis

South Wales Police is appealing for information about an 18-year-old man who is missing from the Maesteg area.

Connor Clifford Lewis has been missing since Tuesday afternoon. Credit: South Wales Police

Connor Clifford Lewis was last seen leaving his home in Neath Road, Maesteg, on Tuesday 3 June.

Officers are appealing for anyone with information to get in touch by calling 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

And these little piggies came home...

Some of the wild boar who returned to the farm near Maesteg this morning. Credit: Greg Davies

Farmer Greg Davies - who lost around 40 of his herd of wild boar during a burglary at the weekend - saw some of them find their way home today.

Mr Davies said he saw four of them near the farm early this morning and "whistled them back". Two boar and one sow went through the gate but another decided to run off again.

Farmer Greg Davies at his farm near Maesteg with the rest of his herd. Credit: Wales News Service

South Wales Police are warning that although the animals are not an immediate threat to public safety, they may charge anyone who tries to approach them as the boars will be disorientated, confused and are not used to being out of their pens.

Six people have been arrested and bailed in connection with the burglary and escape.


Have you seen a wild boar? Send us your pictures

21 wild boar are on the loose in Maesteg Credit: Wales News Service

Twenty-one wild boar are still on the loose in Maesteg.

According to the Wild Boar Association, the animals are naturally 'very timid' and won't approach humans.

Have you seen any of the escaped animals? If so, let us know and send us your pictures to

Wild Boar Association: Boar are naturally 'very timid'

The Wild Boar Association UK has issued some information about what to do if you encounter a wild boar. It's after 21 wild boar were released in Maesteg during a burglary.

The group says wild boar are naturally timid animals Credit: Chris Grady / Wild Boar Association UK

According to the Wild Boar Association, the animals are naturally 'very timid': "They will search out a nice quiet area of woodland where they can hide away in peace.

"Wild boar will usually smell a human and run away long before you even know they are there.

"However, if you are lucky enough to see a wild boar you have two options, one is to admire this amazing animal and appreciate it for what it is, the other is to make noise and clap your hands and the boar will run away after giving a little grunt"

5 key facts about wild boar

A number of wild boar are on the loose in Maesteg after they were released from their pen in a burglary.

Here are 5 facts about wild boar:

  • Wild boar can travel up to 30 miles a day looking for food, and could potentially attack livestock
  • A full grown adult can weigh three times that of an adult human
  • Wild boar are primarily nocturnal scavengers, and they will eat almost anything they come across
  • Wild boar are native across much of Northern and Central Europe and much of Asia. In England populations have become established due to animals escaping from captivity
  • Wild boar are competent swimmers, capable of covering long distances in water

South Wales Police says anyone who sees one of the animals should not approach it, and contact 101 as a priority.

21 wild boar on the loose after burglary

South Wales Police says 21 wild boar are possibly roaming around Maesteg, near Bridgend, after they were released from their pen in a burglary.

Officers have warned that members of the public should not approach wild boar Credit: PA

The burglary happened on Ewenny Road in Maesteg at 12.30 today.

Police are warning the wild boar can travel up to 30 miles a day looking for food, and could potentially attack other livestock.

South Wales Police says anyone who finds one of the boar should not approach it, and contact 101 as a priority.

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