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AM's apology for 'racist slur' against black MP

A recording of a phone call has emerged of a UKIP Assembly member in which she appears to make a racist slur against Labour MP Chuka Umunna.

North Wales AM Michelle Brown Credit: ITV Wales

In a statement North Wales AM Michelle Brown says that the language she used was inappropriate and has apologised to anyone that has been offended by it.

The point I was making is that because of his considerable wealth and privilege, Chukka Umunna cannot possibly understand the difficulties and issues that the average black person faces in this country any more than I can, and I stand by that assertion.

I do however accept that the language I used in the private conversation was inappropriate and I apologise to anyone that has been offended by it.

As far as the language I used about Mr Hunt is concerned, it was a private conversation and I was using language that friends and colleagues often do when chatting to each other.

– Statement by Michelle Brown

Meanwhile Labour AM and Assembly Commissioner for Equality Joyce Watson has called the comments unacceptable. She told ITV News it was potentially a matter for an Assembly standards inquiry.


Severe weather warning: rain and high winds

The warning is valid until 7pm Credit: Philip Toscano/PA Archive/PA Images

Large parts of Wales are being warned to expect heavy rain and high winds.

The Met Office says they could mean difficult travel conditions, as the summer holiday season starts for some. Standing water and spray may make journeys longer, and could lead to minor surface water flooding. Winds could be sufficiently strong to cause some bridge restrictions, and bring down branches from trees.

The areas affected. Credit: Met Office

The Met Office says conditions could also be hazardous for those engaged in outdoor activities.


Security stepped up at Royal Welsh Show 2017

There will be increased security at the show and a larger police presence than usual. Credit: Lee Smith/ITV Cymru Wales

Organisers of the Royal Welsh Show have reassured visitors that public safety is their "number one priority" this year.

There will be increased security at the show and a larger police presence than usual. The announcement comes in light of recent terrorist attacks.

They say event management and contingency plans to cover different scenarios are in place.

There is nothing to suggest any incident will happen at the show, however, to ensure our guests can relax and enjoy the show, we are increasing the security provision during the week, in line with the national trend. These measures, designed to reassure, will include an increased security staff, a larger police presence and random bag searches at the entrances to the showground.

– Royal Welsh Show Spokesperson

The Royal Welsh Show have issued the following advice to visitors:

  • Allow extra time for arrival at the showground and be ready to show all your relevant tickets, passes or badge when asked.
  • Ensure that if you have a vehicle pass, it is correctly displayed in your windscreen before approaching the carpark/showground entrance.
  • Report anything suspicious to, the police, a steward or staff member.
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