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Woman found guilty of 'dognapping' 34 puppies

Dogged detectives used DNA technology to solve a case of 34 puppies stolen from a family - and traced it to a woman next door.

Rachel Thomas was found guilty of stealing a neighbour's puppies. Credit: Wales News Service

Dog breeder Gwilym Williams called in police when 34 West Highland terriers pups were stolen from his home in a 101 Dalmatians-style mystery.

And Swansea Crown Court heard how neighbour Rachel Thomas, 24, was caught after police used DNA to prove her six dogs were from the same litters as the stolen pups.

Thomas was ordered to pay £1,050 compensation to neighbour Mr Williams - and handed the pups back.

A court heard breeder Mr Williams was "devastated" when the 34 "Westies" were stolen in a break-in in October last year at a farm shed at his home in the village of Llanfihangel ar Arth, Carmarthenshire. The pups were £175 each were due to go to good homes - but the court heard the families were disappointed after the pups vanished.

Judge Keith Thomas said he did not believe her claim to have no assets as inquiries by an accountant showed she had stock and other assets including plant and machinery associated with her business valued at around £9,000.

Thomas, now of Tregynnor, Carmarthenshire, denied handling the stolen pups but was found guilty by a jury earlier this year.



Woman fined for not cleaning up after dog on beach

The woman was given a £75 fixed penalty notice Credit: PA

A woman has been fined £75 for failing to clean up after her dog on Pendine beach.

Council environmental enforcement officers were on duty in the area and issued the woman with a fixed penalty notice.

Officers saw a man and woman walking a dog each on a lead. The dog in the woman’s control defecated. Officers then saw the woman kick sand over the faeces and walk away making no attempt to remove it.

This offence happened on a day which was warm and sunny and there were lots of people on the beach including children. Burying dogs mess in the sand does not constitute its removal and I would like to remind the public that this is unacceptable.

– Carmarthenshire County Council
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