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Last voyage for Moelfre lifeboat

The old Tyne class lifeboat is being replaced by the newer Tamar class Credit: RNLI/Dave James

Moelfre RNLI's Tyne class lifeboat will be launched down the slipway for the last time today, after 25 years in service.

The Robert & Violet is being replaced by modern Tamar class lifeboat, Kiwi.

Two retired crew members, Tony Dennis and John Payne, who were part of the passage crew who sailed the boat to Moelfre for the first time in January 1988, will be board for her last voyage.

Since its arrival, the Robert & Violet has launched 394 times on rescue missions, saved 92 lives and rescued 419 people. The Moelfre RNLI lifeboat volunteer crew have now completed their training on the new £2.7 million Tamar class lifeboat Kiwi which arrived at the station on 4 March.

Moelfre RNLI lifeboat Operations Manager Rod Pace said: "The Robert & Violet has been an outstanding lifeboat and served the RNLI at Moelfre well.

"I have served as a volunteer crew member and second coxswain on board her and have nothing but praise for the way she has always performed in all weather conditions. It will be sad to see her leave Moelfre, where she has served for over a quarter of a century. "

The Robert & Violet will now become the Lough Swilly Lifeboat and continue saving lives from the sea off the Irish coast.


Moelfre lifeboat retires after 412 rescues

Moelfre RNLI lifeboat crew on board their new Tamar class lifeboat, the Kiwi, with RNLI Operations Director Michael Vlasto OBE Credit: RNLI

An RNLI lifeboat that has rescued 412 people and saved the lives of almost 100 in its 25-year career is being put into well-deserved retirement.

The Tyne class lifeboat Robert & Violet that started its service at Moelfre in Anglesey in 1988 will be replaced by The Tamar - Kiwi.

The old will meet the new today as the Tyne sails out into the bay to welcome home the modern vessel when it arrives from the RNLI Headquarters in Dorset.

Moelfre lifeboat crew 25 years ago Credit: RNLI