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Machete attack 'an act of terror' says victim's family

A man "inspired" by Isis murderer "Jihadi John" has been found guilty of attempting to murder an Asian dentist in a racially-motivated attack.

Zack Davies, 26, shouted "White Power" and "I did it for Lee Rigby" as he targeted his 24-year-old victim with a machete and a claw hammer at a Tesco supermarket in Mold, North Wales, on January 14.

Carole Green reports from Mold Crown Court:


Machete attack 'could have been murder'

The victim of Zack Davies, who has been found guilty of attempted murder, would have died it not for "the extremely courageous actions" of an ex-serviceman.

Zack Davies has been found guilty of the attempted murder of a dentist.

Following a guilty verdict of attempted murder at Mold Crown Court, The Crown Prosecution Service said the offence could have been an act of murder if it were not for "the extremely courageous actions of ex-serviceman Peter Fuller".

Mr Fuller intervened in the attack on the innocent dentist by Davies in a Tesco store in Mold.

Davies’ actions have left Dr Bhambra with life-changing injuries and he will not know for some considerable time whether he can pursue his chosen career.

Davies has today been made to face justice for his crime, but it is Dr Bhambra who continues to live with the effects of the attack.

We hope that today’s conviction will be of some comfort to him as he seeks to move forward with his life.

– Gareth Preston, Crown Prosecution Service

Judge Rhys Rowlands sent Davies to a high security hospital for psychiatric reports to be prepared before he sentences him on September 11th.

“I hold the view he is an incredibly dangerous young man. If it is not going to be a hospital order it will be the longest possible sentence,” said the Judge.

'Jihadi John an inspiration' says machete attacker

ISIS murderer Jihadi John was an “inspiration” to the man who launched a machete attack on an Asian dentist in a supermarket, a court has heard.

Zach Davies arriving at Mold Crown Court. Credit: ITV News

Zack Davies who shouted “white power” during the attack had looked up a website about the Koran and beheadings. Under cross examining Davies, was asked if one of the words he looked up before he left the house that day was "beheading".

Davies said, “I got very fascinated by Jihadi John and was inspired by him,” and that he even had a mask.

He said he had thought about wearing it and attacking his mother’s boyfriend. Asked if he thought about beheading someone, he replied, “I thought about hurting someone.”

But Davies told the court he had no intention of killing Dr Bhambra who he attacked in a Tesco store in Mold.

The prosecution put to him: “You are a racist at the end of the day.”

Davies replied: “I don’t think it is that clear cut. I had contradictory extreme views, especially with my interest in Isis and National Socialism.”

The trial continues.


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Tesco machete attack trial: 'It was 15 years of rage'

A 26-year-old man on trial for a racially-motivated machete attack on an Asian shopper in a Tesco store in Mold, North Wales, told police it was the accumulation of "fifteen years of bottled up anger and rage," a court has heard.

Zack Davies was fascinated with Nazi ideology and planned to "avenge" the death of fusilier Lee Rigby when he attacked Dr Sarandev Bhambra in January, Mold Crown Court has heard.

"The more I read I started to realise maybe the wrong side won the war," Davies said of his fascination with Nazi ideology, in a conversation with police.

Dr Bhambra, a 24-year-old dentist from Leeds, suffered "life-changing injuries," the court was told.

Correspondent Rupert Evelyn is at Mold Crown Court for the trial:

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