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Labour hits back at Tory NHS attacks

Welsh Labour has hit back after criticism from Welsh Conservative leaders in Manchester. You can read extracts from speeches by Stephen Crabb and Andrew RT Davies by clicking here.

A Welsh Labour spokesperson said:

If the Tories are serious about fighting the next election on the NHS and leadership, then we are more than happy to engage on those terms. Their privatisation agenda for the NHS has long been roundly rejected by the Welsh people. The Tory health agenda in England has collapsed. Doctors are in open rebellion and more and more hospitals are going into special measures every day. The much trumpeted Cancer Drugs Fund is being scrapped as an expensive failure.

On leadership – we are confident that people recognise and respect Carwyn and feel that he’s on their side in fighting for the best deal for Wales. The same cannot be said for the anonymous Welsh Tory leader.

– Welsh Labour source
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