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Jury sent out in trial of 'attempted murder' of children

A jury in the trial of a woman accused of trying to kill two young children has begun its deliberations. Sadie Jenkins, 28, cut the throats of the two youngsters before trying to kill herself in Newport last May.

Sadie Jenkins denies the attempted murder of two children. Credit: Wales News Service

Cardiff Crown Court heard both children managed to survive, but needed "significant hospital treatment". Jenkins has admitted to carrying out the attack, but denies attempted murder on the grounds of insanity.

Her defence is that she was suffering from a drug-induced psychosis at the time and believed "she had to" kill the two children to save them from being tortured by the mafia.

Ahead of sending out the jury, Judge Mrs Justice Carr told jurors to reach their decision calmly and objectively. "You will find her not guilty if she was insane at the time she committed the acts charged," she said.

Mothers give thoughts on baby sleep study

Credit: PA

New research from Swansea University that challenges the idea that babies should be sleeping through the night has caused a stir with mothers.

Here are some thoughts from mothers in Wales.

My son had his best sleep ever last night after having some puréed food at dinner time and porridge for breakfast. He's 4 months. He has never got past 4am before. This morning he woke at 5.50am. My other son slept right through from 6 weeks old. Both boys formula fed. All children are different.

– Liz McWilliams

My daughter never woke and didn't really cry during the day either. I always thought it was weird but put it down to her having every thing she needed on time.

– Janine Raybould

We all know babies are different. I had one who didn't sleep all night and one who never ever woke in the night, its just life!

– Taryn Williams


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