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Temperatures in Wales set to soar to 30C

June saw sunbathers at Barry. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Forecasters say a mini-heatwave will see the temperature rise in parts of Wales to 30C (86F) today.

Yesterday saw Cardiff reach 28.7C (84F) although Mid and West Wales are expected to see the highest temperatures today.

But the hot and humid air is expected to trigger thunderstorms across much of the UK from this evening until late on Wednesday, with a severe weather warning for rain and the possibility of flash-flooding.


Welsh betting shops take part in Gamble Aware Week

Credit: PA

Betting shops across Wales are due to take part in Gamble Aware Week from today.

Throughout the week, the windows in betting shops will be taken over with Gamble Aware Week posters that highlight the message, "Never bet more than you can afford to lose."

This comes as new mandatory alerts on electronic gaming machines are introduced. Player will be alerted when they spend £150 or play for 20 minutes. This compares to the £250 and 30 minutes alerts previously in place.

We are really pleased to launch this year’s Gamble Aware Week, which emphasises the importance the bookmaking industry places on encouraging our customers to bet safely and responsibly.

All our staff working in Wales are committed to putting responsible gambling at the heart of all we do, and Gamble Aware Week is a key element of that commitment. The drop in sessions being held in Cardiff will be a key part of the week.

The introduction of the new mandatory alerts on gaming machines are an important part of our wider responsible gambling agenda and will help customers to monitor and balance their leisure experience.

– Malcolm George, Chief Executive of the Association of British Bookmakers

Plaid Cymru criticise 'fork-tongued' Labour leadership candidate, Smith

Plaid Cymru has responded to the launch of Owen Smith's Labour leadership campaign, describing the Welsh MP as ‘fork-tongued’.

While the so-called official opposition continues to tear itself apart with their public campaign against itself, it is fitting that the latest person to try to oust their leader is Owen Smith - the one man they can rely on to put party before country.

An expert in judging his audience - a former CND member one day, and a man who is prepared to “annihilate millions of people” with a nuclear weapon the next. A man who believes austerity is a “completely self-defeating economic strategy” on one day, and a man who votes in favour of the Tories’ £30 billion austerity package the next. One nation Labour really has two faces.

Having consistently voted against empowering the people of Wales and the Welsh Parliament however, the people of Wales can at least know for sure that fork-tongued Owen Smith will always vote against the Welsh national interest.

– Jonathan Edwards MP, Plaid
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