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Consultation on new safety code for school transport

Posed photograph simulating a child being bullied. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA

A consultation's been launched on an improved Learner Travel Behaviour Code, including what the Welsh Government says are more robust anti-bullying measures on school transport.

The measures include:

  • More robust anti-bullying messages.
  • Better links with the Welsh Government anti-bullying agenda and school behaviour codes.
  • Encouraging a safe, comfortable and positive bus environment and to recommend that learners be allowed to eat and drink on buses.
  • Putting in place Travel Behaviour Contracts between learners, parents, local authorities and transport operators to reinforce the sense of shared responsibility for ensuring good behaviour on the home to school journey.
  • Using pupils from Years 11, 12 and 13 as bus monitors to supervise bus journeys.
  • Schools to consider rewards for learners who behave well on school transport.
  • A communications campaign to raise awareness of the Travel Behaviour Code amongst learners.

Enjoying a safe and comfortable journey to and from their place of learning is vital for all children and young people’s education and welfare.

This proposed code has been developed together with the Children’s Commissioner and children and young people from across Wales.

– Edwina Hart AM, Transport Minister


Poorest areas 'will suffer most from tax credit cuts'

The poorest parts of the country will suffer most from the Government's tax credit cuts, according to a new study.

Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

The TUC says average losses are calculated for a year from next April when the cuts are due to come into force.

It says in Wales the loss will be just under £1,400. The biggest impact will be in Northern Ireland, where the average loss to claimants will be £1,480. Average losses in London will be £1,110.

This research makes clear that as well as making families suffer, the tax credit cuts will make regional inequalities worse. The households who will lose the most are those already in low-income areas. Instead of cuts that target the UK's lowest-paid communities, the Government should channel more support towards them.

– Frances O'Grady, TUC General Secretary

Train disruption due to fallen tree on the line

Arriva Trains Wales says there is disruption between Aberystwyth and Birmingham International and between Birmingham International and Holyhead due to a fallen tree on the line at Shifnal.

No replacement road transport is currently available, and passengers are advised not to travel on this route where possible.

There are also warnings that services on Wednesday may be subject to delays, as trains run at reduced speeds to confirm routes are clear of any flooding or debris.

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