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Number of deaths last winter to be revealed

The vast majority of excess deaths usually effect those who are over 75 Credit: ITV News

Figures will be released later this morning on the effect that last Winter's cold weather had on death rates in Wales.

Official figures are expected to be higher than last year since March 2013 was recorded as the coldest since 1962.

Last year, there were 1,300 excess deaths in Wales and almost 2,000 the year before.

Data, compiled by the Office for National Statistics, compares the number of deaths during the winter months with the average in other parts of the year.

Latest unemployment figures due out today

The ONS will release the latest unemployment figures today Credit: PA

The latest unemployment figures will be released by the Office for National Statistics today.

They will be the first figures since the new Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney's said interest rates should stay at 0.5% until unemployment falls below 7%.

Around 750,000 jobs will need to be created for this medium term goal to be achieved and forecasters predict is unlikely to happen until the middle to end of 2016.