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Kidney charity: 'Wales can be proud of organ law'

It has been a long journey and it is very good law. It received proper consultation and first class scrutiny all the way through.

It gives hope to all those waiting for a transplant, not only those on the list but those who fear chronic organ failure and who may need a transplant.

I am proud that we were at the forefront of making our views known and we thank all those involved from all political parties and especially the Bill Team and the Government for getting us through over the line.

The debate was detailed and produced an Act which the Assembly and Wales can be proud and will now be a marker for other parts of the UK

– Roy J .Thomas, Kidney Wales Foundation


Minister: Royal assent for organ bill 'a momentous day'

This is a momentous day in the history of the Welsh Government and I am proud to have been the Health Minister in post when this seminal piece of legislation came into being.

Although we celebrate the commencement of the Act today, it is important to remember the new system will not come into force until 1st December 2015, following a two year public information campaign.

During this two year campaign, people will be given plenty of information on how the new system works and what their choices are.

Even today though people can help others by ensuring their loved ones know their wishes about organ donation and I would encourage everyone to have that conversation.

– Mark Drakeford, Health Minister

Date announced for soft opt-out organ donor legislation

Wales will become the first UK nation to introduce a 'soft' opt-out system of organ donation Credit: Clive Gee/PA Wire

The Welsh Government will today announce when legislation on a 'soft' opt-out system for organ donation will come into effect here.

It means everyone will be presumed a potential organ donor - unless they have specifically stated that they wish not to be.

The Human Transplantation (Wales) Bill hasn't been welcomed by everyone, but ministers hope it will increase the number of organs available for transplants.

The Bill was passed by the National Assembly on July 2, with 43 AMs voting for, eight against and two abstaining.

It makes Wales the first UK nation to introduce such a system.

The Bill will also receive Royal Assent during a special ceremony today.


Passing of bill is 'historic day'

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