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UK government must 'change tack'

"People have had enough and as was showed at the People's Assembly on Saturday when over 4,000 trade unionists, anti cuts campaigners, pensioners, students, etc came together in London to call for action against government policies, we are now prepared to take the next step to demonstrate we are determined to force the UK government to change tack."

– Ramon Corria, Cardiff Trades Council



Wrexham tax office picket

Workers on the picket line at Wrexham's tax office Credit: ITV News/Ian Lang

PCS union rep Steve Ryan said that early estimates are that up to 90 percent of staff in Wrexham have joined the one day strike.

Speaking to reporter Ian Lang at the picket line at Wrexham tax office he said: "This is about protecting public services and jobs. We believe there is a fairer alternative to austerity."

Protest part of "rolling programme" of action

Union members are protesting as part of a long-running dispute with the UK Government over pay and pensions, with thousands of public sector workers staging a 24-hour strike today.

This is not a one-day protest, this is the start of a rolling programme of walkouts and disruptive action to put pressure on a government that is refusing to talk to us.

We warned more than two years ago that austerity wouldn't work and we were right. There is an alternative to cutting the living standards of hard-working public servants and our campaign is designed to make the case loud and clear.

Civil and public servants are working harder than ever to provide the services we all rely on but, instead of rewarding them, the Government is imposing cuts to their pay, raiding their pensions and trying to rip up their basic working conditions.

– Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary

PCS union members set for Budget Day strike

The DVLA office in Swansea is one location expected to be affected

Members of Britain's largest civil service union will strike today over pay and pensions.

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) announced the strike after a ballot at the start of March.

Sites affected include job centres, tax offices and benefits offices, DVLA branches and some museums and galleries.

The union says its members want to "stop attacks on their livelihoods and job security".

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