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Get meowta here! - trapped kitten rescued from 50ft castle wall

Henry is now safe and sound with all nine lives intact. Credit: RSCPA Cymru

A 3 month old kitten has been rescued after becoming trapped in barbed wire, 50 feet up a wall at Pembroke Castle.

Nicknamed Henry - after Pembroke castle most famous former resident, King Henry VII - the kitten was rescued by RSPCA Cymru and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

Henry is now safe and sound in RSPCA care - with all 9 lives intact!

It really was a horrible ordeal for the kitten.

It was just by chance someone saw the kitten struggling on the wall. The poor little thing was so frightened. We don’t know how he got there.

The fire service were absolutely brilliant. They had a safety line and went over the wall down about eight foot and rescued the kitten.

I took him straight to the vets where he was given antibiotics and pain relief and he is very sore and bruised and he has torn a bit of his skin on his thigh which should heal. But he is doing really well and is now recovering from his ordeal in our care.

He's eaten well overnight which is good as he's actually a little skinny under all that fur!

– Ellie West, RSPCA animal collection officer

Haverfordwest man charged after four police officers injured by dogs

Credit: Google

A Haverfordwest man has been charged after four police officers were injured by two dogs in an incident on Sunday.

The four officers were taken to hospital following the incident on Goat Street but were later discharged after receiving treatment.

Police say that the 22 year old has been charged with seven offences, including two under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Two men and two women who were also arrested in connection with the incident have been released on bail pending further police enquiries.


Public views sought on bid to restore disused mill in Pembrokeshire

Credit: Bluestone National Park Resort

Plans have been unveiled to restore Black Pool Mill near Narberth. The 19th Century building is Grade 2* listed and was fully operational until the Second World War but has survived with a full set of machinery.

Bluestone resort wants to restore it to its Victorian prime. The flour mill sits within a Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

A public consultation gets underway today.

In consultation with some of the UK’s leading heritage, ecology and biodiversity experts, we have designed an ambitious restoration programme for the mill and its surrounding landscape, to preserve, manage and improve the site in its entirety.

Historic integrity runs through the very core of this project and we are proposing a thoughtful and sympathetic approach, enabling the architectural features of the past to shine through and offering visitors a rare opportunity to take a step into history.

– William McNamara OBE, Bluestone CEO


New wave energy scheme for Pembrokeshire

The site of the scheme has not yet been revealed. Credit: Mike Fuhrmann/The Canadian Press/PA Images

A £5.8m scheme to generate energy from sea waves off the Pembrokeshire coast has been announced.

Wave-tricity will develop and test a new device called the Ocean Wave Rower backed by EU funding.

The Welsh Government says the project is the latest investment to help create a world-leading marine energy sector in Wales.

£12m has been committed to clean energy projects including Minesto’s Deep Green initiative, being developed in Anglesey, and Marine Power Solutions’ WaveSub technology which will also be deployed in Pembrokeshire waters.

Marine energy is an important sector and Wales has excellent natural resources which can be harnessed. I am delighted this investment will bring another significant energy project to Pembrokeshire.

It’s very encouraging that this scheme, which has such potential is being developed in Wales, particularly as it will lead to good employment and business opportunities in the local area.

– Mark Drakeford AM, Finance Secretary

Pembrokeshire couple stumble across eight-foot long swordfish

An eight-foot long Swordfish, typically found in warm waters, has been found washed up on a west Wales beach.

Swordfish are rarely found in colder waters around the UK. Credit: Wales News Service

The fish, estimated to weigh up to 200lbs, was spotted by a couple walking their dog on Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire.

John and Helen Swancott were taking an early morning walk on the sand when their rescue dog Toby ran into the water.

I couldn't believe there was a swordfish in our waters, it was amazing. It must be about 8ft long and weigh between 150 and 200lbs. I should have stood there with a fishing rod and blagged it as the biggest fish caught in Fresh East this century and had a photo taken - I would have been pinched by all the local fishing clubs!

– John Swancott
John and Helen Swancott found the fish on their morning walk. Credit: Wales News Service

Swordfish are typically found in places like the Indian and Pacific Oceans and the Mediterranean.

It is extremely rare for them to be spotted near Britain where temperatures are much cooler.

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