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Wales education figures 'a scandal' says Tory MP

Welsh Conservative MP Alun Cairns described Wales' PISA results as 'nothing short of a scandal' and said that 'parents across Wales are genuinely worried about their children's education.'

Education Secretary Michael Gove said that Wales was like a 'control sample' in an experiment, saying that Wales is

almost an object lesson in what happens when you abandon reform and succumb to the NUT orthodoxy which has suffocated education in the Principality.

– Michael Gove MP, UK Education Secretary

NAHT Cymru: PISA 'Not a time for party point-scoring'

The Acting Director of the National Association of Head Teachers says Wales must pull together in the wake of its poor PISA results.

As expected, Wales has fallen further in the PISA rankings. This is no time for finger-waving or point-scoring between the parties. What is most noticeable about the education system in Wales has been the remarkable degree of political consensus across the parties since devolution. We are all in this together and it’s about time we started working together to put it right.

– Dr Chris Howard, Acting Director, NAHT Cymru


Education Secretary blames Labour for Wales' schools international failings

UK Education Secretary Michael Gove has pinned the blame for Wales' poor performance in the PISA results on Labour Welsh Governments. He told MPs that 'if you want to know what our education system would look like [under Labour] you only need to look over the Severn Bridge.'

But Labour MP Huw Irranca-Davies criticised the Education Secretary for that response. The Ogmore MP said there are failings in all parts of the UK and to 'make political capital... is the wrong approach.'

Welsh Conservative MP Guto Bebb asked Michael Gove if he blamed 'a £600 per head funding gap or a Labour [Welsh] government which has accepted teaching unions' dogma.' The Education Secretary said simply, 'both.'

Education failings an 'embarrassment' to Wales, says Lib Dem leader

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams says the PISA figures for Wales are 'a source of embarrassment.'

It's a disgrace. What people will hear about Wales today [in the rest of the UK and the rest of the world] is that we have got an education system that is not as good as it should be. That's what people will know about Wales today and that should be a source of embarrassment to the Welsh Government.

– Kirsty Williams AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader


'Worrying' figures mean Wales risks being left behind, says Welsh Secretary

Wales risks being left behind the rest of the UK in terms of future employment and prosperity, according to the Welsh Secretary. David Jones was responding to the publication of international figures showing pupils in Wales performing worse than in England and Scotland.

Today’s figures are extremely disappointing, and highlight the important challenge that the Wales – and the UK as a whole – faces to ensure our young people are equipped with the tools they need to shine in the competitive employment market.

We are living in an increasingly competitive world and if Wales is to succeed in the global race, we will need more scientists, engineers, and young people who are equipped with the skills to put them at the front of the queue.

Most importantly, we need to inspire them to pursue their ambitions. Today’s worrying figures do very little to help us achieve that aim.

It is vitally important that the Welsh Government now seeks to address these serious educational deficiencies and give the young aspirational people of Wales the skills they need to succeed.

– David Jones MP, Secretary of State for Wales
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