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Leanne Wood fires back at Ukip's Nathan Gill

During the Wales Election Debate Nathan Gill said that the Welsh Assembly are 'not dealing with what they have got adequately' after being asked whether the Assembly should have more powers.

Leanne Wood then responded to Gill's claims by saying that the Welsh Assembly are 'not children.'

It follows an analogy he used to explain his point further by saying that 'when my children ask for more food I tell them to finish what's on their plate first.'

Leanne Wood: Plaid will end the 'obsession' with cutting services

Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood has said in her opening statement that her Party want to end the 'obsession' with cutting services in Wales.

She also said that Plaid want to bring the deficit down over time and that the Party can be trusted to get 'the very best deal for Wales at all times.'

Leanne Wood has said that Plaid can be trusted to get the 'best deal' for Wales. Credit: ITV News


Leanne Wood: 'North Wales faces twin threat'

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has outlined her party's vision to create a 'northern powerhouse', unlocking the economic potential of North Wales.

Leanne Wood visited Treorchy on Friday as part of her campaign trail Credit: PA

Speaking this morning, Ms Wood said that wealth in Wales must not be allowed to focus solely on the south east of the country.

North Wales faces a twin threat: a government in Cardiff Bay that neglects it and the creation of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ in England that would leave north Wales in the economic and political shadows.

It is unacceptable that places like Anglesey have among the lowest GDP levels in the UK when there is so much potential for economic success.

Wales needs a northern powerhouse of its own. The north of Wales has a population of over half a million people, has important international transport links and should be treated as a vital asset in the Welsh context.

I'll be unveiling more detailed proposals this week on Plaid Cymru's vision for the north. But I can say that Plaid Cymru wants to cancel the proposed new M4 project and bring forward investment into infrastructure projects in north Wales.

– Leanne Wood, Leader, Plaid Cymru

Plaid: parity with Scotland would 'practically end austerity'

Plaid's Leanne Wood again raised the issue of parity with Scotland in tonight's BBC leader's debate.

Speaking directly to Ed Miliband she said parity with Scotland would enable her party to 'practically end austerity' , by delivering an extra £1.2 billion into the Welsh economy.

She continued to ask whether Mr Miliband agreed Wales deserved parity with Scotland.

Ed Miliband replied saying he 'was not going to make a false promise.'

Wood challenges Miliband over emergency budget

The second leader's debate of the campaign is currently underway Credit: BBC

Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood issued a direct challenge to Ed Miliband tonight over the offer of an emergency budget to reverse Tory Cuts, should he form the next Government.

A source from the party says Miliband's refusal of this offer leaves Welsh Labour's criticism of 'Tory cuts' in tatters.

Plaid Cymru said 'continuing on this path of austerity will offer an uncertain future.'


Leanne Wood starts debate with 'austerity myth'

Leanne Wood opened tonight's debate Credit: PA

Plaid's Leanne Wood started tonight's BBC leader's debate with her opening statement, saying people are now seeing through the 'austerity myth'.

So far Nigel Farage has seen the biggest spike in Twitter chatter as the debate began, with more than 238 tweets per minute.

Leanne Wood was at 37 tweets per minute.

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