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Pontypool pupil hopes to be first deaf F1 driver

Caleb McDuff by a go-kart
Caleb spends hours practising on the race track Credit: Ian McDuff

A six year old school boy from Pontypool is hoping to become the world's first deaf racing car driver.

Caleb McDuff who was diagnosed as profoundly deaf at the age of two normally relies on special hearing aids but has to take them out when he puts his helmet on.

When in his go-kart, Caleb uses vibrations and sign language to communicate on the track.

Caleb is now hoping to enter his first big competition and race other children at the Bambino Kart Championship next year.

His father, Ian McDuff says: "He knows where he wants his future to be and ask him which race car he wants to drive, and without a seconds thought, he'll tell you Ferrari."


Pontypool man's grave found in Gold Rush America

Evan Jones' tombstone was found by an American walker
Evan Jones' tombstone was found by an American walker Credit: James Sibbring

An American walker has uncovered a welsh man's tombstone, that's more than a century old, in an abandoned graveyard. James Sibbring made the discovery whilst hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains near La Porte in California.

Mr Sibbring was surprised to read that the man, Evan J Jones, was born in Pontypool - more than 5,000 miles away. He was keen to try and track down Mr Jones' relatives, so he contacted the team at Pontypool Museum.

They were delighted to receive his letter and are now trying to find out more about Mr Jones. During the 1800s thousands of people left Wales for America in search of work and more opportunities. Most ended up on the East side of the country, in places like Boston and New York.

Experts say that it was very unusual for Mr Jones to have ended up in the West. They think he travelled there in search of gold, and by the quality of his gravestone, he must have been quite successful.

£100k needed to fly sick brother home from Thailand

by Hannah Thomas

An ex-soldier from Pontypool is desperately trying to raise £100,000 to fly his sick brother home from Thailand.

Dave Kyffin, who served in the Royal Anglian Regiment, needs the money to pay for a special medical flight.

His brother Stuart suffered severe head injuries in a motorbike accident two weeks ago.

He had been living in Thailand for several years but planned to return to the UK shortly.

He too had a military career spanning more than 20 years.

Click here to visit the donation page for Stuart Kyffin

Mother with heart condition had just weeks with son

by Richard Morgan

A grieving mother has called for pregnant women in Wales to be scanned for a rare condition which caused the death of her daughter, just weeks after she had given birth to a baby son.

Hannah-Michelle Browne from Pontypool was 21 when she died of Peripartum cardiomyopathy, which is a type of heart failure.

Her family have paid tribute to medics who kept her alive long enough to spend some precious moments with her child before she died.

'Simple scan' would save other families from 'heartache'

Hannah's mother Michelle Browne is calling for all pregnant women to have a scan for Peripartum cardiomyopathy - the rare heart condition which killed her daughter.

She said: "if I can save one person out of all of this, it would mean so much, because then they wouldn't have to go through the heartache that we have had to go through as a family."

She said all is needed is "a simple scan - that would cost about £40-£60 - that would pick it up."


Heart check call after mother died weeks after birth

The family of a young mother who died from a rare heart condition is campaigning for all pregnant women to be checked for the problem.

Hannah Michelle-Browne was 21 when she died. Credit: Press People

Hannah-Michelle Browne, from Pontypool, died from Peripartum cardiomyopathy - a type of heart failure - just five weeks after her son was born.

Medics kept Hannah alive long enough to spend precious moments with her baby son, Gerwyn. Credit: Press People

Parents beat 160,000 to 1 odds to have identical triplets

The identical girls are wearing little tags on their ankles to help identify them.

Parents from Pontypool have beaten odds of 160,000 to 1 to have identical triplets.

Ffion, Maddison and Paige Gilbert were born on 2 August.

When parents Karen and Ian went to the doctors early in the pregnancy, they were fearful of a miscarriage, but shocked to learn they were due to have three babies.

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