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Disused tank caused Crickhowell oil spill

Officers from Natural Resources Wales have identified the cause of an oil spill, which let 3,500 litres of oil into a river near Crickhowell on Thursday.

Absorbent pads are being used to mop up the polluted water Credit: Natural Resources Wales

The cause of the spill has been traced to a disused oil tank.

The incident has already had a significant impact on the stream, killing many fish and affecting people's gardens.

We have traced the cause of the spill to a disused oil tank and have managed to stop the pollution at source. However, the oil that has already escaped into the ground may continue to seep into the stream via the culvert.We will be using more absorbent pads and booms over the weekend to try and contain and clean up as much of the oil as we can. It has already had a significant impact on the stream with around 150 fish already dead, including trout, bullhead and eels, but is so far not affecting the River Usk.We are continuing to investigate this incident and urge anyone who may have information to contact us.

– Rhys Hughes, Natural Resources Wales

Investigation as 3,500 litres of oil pollutes river

Officers say they're making efforts to prevent more oil reaching the river Credit: Natural Resources Wales

An investigation is taking place after an oil spill which has polluted approximately 850 metres of river in Crickhowell.

An estimated 3,500 litres of oil has escaped into the river, and the surrounding area, also affecting nearby gardens.

Officers at Natural Resources Wales say they're making efforts to prevent more oil reaching the river, but the impacts are already evident.

Many people called to report the incident earlier today, which is causing an oily sheen on top of the water and a strong odour.

The source of the pollution has been identified, but the oil has now worked its way downstream, affecting the main River Usk.

We are doing all we can to stop the pollution and to reduce its impact on fish and other wildlife which depend on it, as well as the local community who are being affected.Our officers have already spotted a few dead fish in the river, but we’re expecting to see more as the pollution moves through the system. Our team have put booms in place in the Cwm Beth to soak up as much of the pollution as possible.Our fisheries specialists are also currently conducting a full assessment of the river to help us determine the impact on the wildlife in the river.

– Rhys Hughes, Natural Resources Wales



Two die and one injured in Powys crash

The crash happened outside Crickhowell Credit: ITV Wales

Two people have died following a car crash near Crickhowell. It happened yesterday afternoon on the A40.

A male passenger remains in a serious condition at hospital.

The cause of the crash is still being investigated.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to call Dyfed Powys Police on 101.

Councillor resigns over ‘inappropriate language’

A Powys councillor severely reprimanded for using ‘inappropriate language’ in a cabinet meeting has resigned from her post, the county council has announced.

Councillor Myfanwy Alexander, cabinet member for education, children’s services and Welsh Language resigned from the cabinet today.

She remains a county councillor representing the Banwy ward.

Myfanwy Alexander has resigned as council deputy leader Credit: Powys County Council

“I can confirm that Councillor Alexander has tendered her resignation from the cabinet with immediate effect and I have accepted that resignation. ”

– Leader Barry Thomas
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