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Committee meeting hears evidence on fracking

Evidence will be given to the Environment and Sustainability Committee later on a controversial method of shale gas extraction more commonly known as fracking.

Those giving evidence include the environmental lobby group Friends of the Earth Cymru, and the group applying to test drill in south Wales UK Onshore Gas Limited.

The Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru is expected to promote the focus on renewable energy over the use of fracking.

To protect Wales from climate catastrophe we must impose a moratorium on unconventional gas extraction, as has already happened elsewhere in Europe. And we should move as swiftly as possible to a Wales powered by 100% renewable energy, providing tens of thousands of jobs in the booming green economy.

– Gareth Clubb, Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru

WWF Cymru: 'It's better to get off gas and onto renewables'

"We welcome the bill in that in gives confidence to industry to invest in renewable energy, and there's lots of jobs in that" says Alun Jones, of WWF Cymru.

"It does mean that bills will go up, maybe £60-£80 by 2020, but gas prices as prices are likely to increase by at least £175 in that time."

"It's better to get off gas, and onto renewables".



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