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Lifeguards rescue 10-year-old girl and man from rip tide

Two people were rescued by lifeguards this morning after they were caught in a rip tide off Newgale Beach.

A child and man were rescued off Newgale Beach today. Credit: Matthew Baker

The child was bodyboarding off Newgale North beach when she got caught in a rip current at around 11.30am today. The man spotted the girl in trouble and swam out to help her but was also caught in the rip tide.

Two lifeguards grabbed rescue boards and paddled out to save them. The pair were brought back to the beach and assessed but found "thankfully unharmed" according to the RNLI.

It has prompted warnings from the lifesaving charity who say they have rescued six body boarders in waters off Pembrokeshire this week.

If you’re heading to the coast this weekend please remember to respect the water and swim at a lifeguarded beach. If you spot someone in trouble please don’t attempt the rescue yourself – either tell a lifeguard or phone 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

– Stuart Penfold, RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor

RNLI lifeguards provide a daily safety service on both Newgale North and South beach from 10am-6pm throughout the summer season.

Two men rescued off Rhyl

Credit: RNLI

The RNLI says two men were rescued yesterday evening off Rhyl.

One was holding onto to an inflatable dinghy and the other was swimming to shore but making no progress.

It says they were picked up and taken ashore and given a medical check-up along with some sea safety advice.


Man airlifted with 'severe' injuries after cliff fall

An RAF Sea King helicopter is scrambled from RAF Valley Credit: PA

A man has been airlifted to hospital after falling from cliffs at Aberystwyth.

Two RNLI lifeboats were deployed and on finding the casualty, started giving first aid.

The man sustained head injuries, which have been described by the coastguard as "severe".

A helicopter from RAF Valley then airlifted the 24-year-old, taking him to Morriston Hospital in Swansea.

Search after car overturns onto beach

An Atlantic 85 lifeboat was launched. Credit: RNLI/PA Wire

The RNLI launched a search last night amid fears someone had gone missing after a car overturned onto a beach near Caernarfon Castle.

A lifeboat crew combed an area, in gale force winds, between Aber swing bridge and Fort Belan, before being notified everyone had been accounted for.

Coastguards the police and firefighters were also involved.

A 19 year-old woman was taken to hospital and a male suffered minor injuries.

Video: Lifeboat crew moves into £10m station

The lifeboat crew at Moelfre on Anglesey have moved into their new home.

Kiwi - the station's Tamar class lifeboat - can now launch rescue missions off the Anglesey Coast.

It has been opened with £10 million pounds' worth of funding. £100,000 was raised by the local community.

Ian Lang went to see the opening.


Four rescued as fishing boat sinks near Bardsey Island

A Tamar class lifeboat. Credit: RNLI/PA

Four men have been rescued by the Porthdinllaen Tamar class lifeboat in rough seas and strong winds near Bardsey Island.

Holyhead coastguard received a distress call at 22.30pm from the skipper of 'Cesca' saying his boat was taking in water fast and they were in danger of sinking.

The Porthdinllaen lifeboat arrived on the scene to find the four men had abandoned their boat and were in a liferaft. A rescue helicopter from RAF Valley arrived and the four were winched aboard and flown to Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Credit: Chris Jackson/PA Wire

The lifeboat stayed on scene for a another hour when the ‘Cesca’ finally sank in deep water approximately one mile North West of Bardsey Island.

It’s often a difficult judgement call for any Captain to call for assistance and even more difficult to leave his vessel, which is his livelihood.

By calling for assistance when he did the Captain of the ‘Cesca’ gave the rescue services time to get on scene and try and save his vessel.

Although they did have to abandon ship he and his crew are safe and well this morning.

– HM Coastguard Robert Bowyer

RNLI rescues along Welsh coast 'at highest since 2006'

Credit: RNLI

The number of people rescued by Welsh RNLI lifeboats in 2014 is at its highest since 2006, statistics out today show.

The RNLI charity has today announced 1,244 people were rescued in 2014 - an 8% increase on the previous year.

Rhyl was the busiest lifeboat station in north Wales and the second busiest of all the RNLI's 30 lifeboat stations.

The volunteer crew launched 61 times and rescued a total of 73 people.

The busiest station in Wales was Porthcawl, with 73 launches.

'We are definitely seeing more people out and about visiting the beautiful Welsh coastline, whether to walk the coastal paths or take part in more adventurous activities.

'Our message to the public has always been to visit the coast as a group, rather than go it alone. Consequently, more people were rescued than ever before.

'Instead of attempting to bring themselves to safety, people are recognising the need to dial 999 much quicker and as a result our volunteer crews have been exceptionally busy.'

– Nicola Davies, RNLI

Machinery failure remains the most popular cause of a lifeboat launch with 230 launches of this nature in 2014.

The RNLI advises and encourages people to check their equipment before setting off, especially if it has not been used for long periods.

People becoming cut off by the tide was also a common reason for the launch of a lifeboat, with 130 call-outs to this type of incident during the year.

Inquest in death of boy swept out to sea off Anglesey

Isaac Nash Credit: Family photo

An inquest has been hearing of the last moments of a twelve year old boy who was washed out to sea at Aberffraw on Anglesey last summer.

Isaac Nash from Huddersfield had been on holiday with his family from Huddersfield.

An inquest returned a verdict of misadventure and said that Isaac probably drowned.

Despite a search, Isaac's body has never been found.

Sailor airlifted to hospital 11 miles off Welsh coast

Coastguards say a female sailor was airlifted to hospital after falling ill 11 miles off the Welsh coast in the Bristol Channel.

They were alerted shortly before 8pm last night and contacted the vessel. The lone sailor told them she was seriously ill.

The Mumbles all-weather lifeboat was launched and the helicopter at RAF Chiveneor in Devon was also sent to the scene.

The sailor was flown to Morriston Hospital and the lifeboat crew sailed the yacht to moorings in Swansea Marina.

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