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PRGB has eight definitive objectives

A Professional Regional Game Board made up of four members of the WRU, four members of the Regions and an Independent Chair has been created in order to achieve 'strong, sustainable and competitive professional rugby at international and Regional level in Wales'.

The first meeting of the PRGB is scheduled to take place later this month and already eight definitive objectives have been highlighted;

  • To underpin, support and maximise performance of the national teams
  • To improve the overall financial management of the Regions
  • To help retain senior Welsh internationals playing in Wales where appropriate
  • To develop Welsh international players
  • To achieve four Regions which can effectively compete at the top of European rugby within five years
  • To support the Principality Premiership
  • To ensure the continued support and development of the community game
  • To ensure the continued sustainabilityof the Millennium Stadium

Speaking on behalf of the four Regions the Chief Executive of the Scarlets, Mark Davies, said

For Welsh rugby to be truly successful we must all ensure that the game is healthy and sustainable for the long term at every level of the sport.

The PRGB is the result of a period of genuine, open and constructive dialogue, assisted by the initiative of the PwC review with the WRU and the four Regions committing to deliver on clear and agreed objectives over time, as the first step towards securing a healthy future for the professional game in Wales.

– Mark Davies, Chief Executive of the Scarlets