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  1. Adrian Masters

New Welsh army fears

Fears about the future of another part of the Welsh army have been raised by MPs. There's been a cross-party campaign by MPs and AMs to keep the Welsh Cavalry, also known as 1st the Queen's Dragoons Guards, in the UK Government's forthcoming plans to reduce the size of the Army.

But rumours that the Welsh Cavalry could be saved at the expense of a battalion of the Royal Welsh were raised in the commons by Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith. Secretary of State, Cheryl Gillan, criticised him for spreading uncertainty when no decision had been made. This is what he told me:

His comments were backed by Liberal Democrat MP Roger Williams who told me he's had worrying talks with serving and former officers in the Royal Welsh who've expressed their concerns. And he says if a Royal Welsh battalion were to be axed, it could mean the loss of 700 soldiers.