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Kitten rescued after 24 hours in a tree during Storm Doris

A kitten has been rescued after being stuck 50-feet up a tree in Maesteg during the height of Storm Doris.

Credit: RSPCA

Topper, a male kitten, was unable to get down safely after getting trapped up the tree on Metcalfe Street.

RSPCA Cymru enlisted the support of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, who cut down the tree and rescued Topper on Saturday. He's since been reunited with his owner.

It's frankly amazing that Topper managed to stay in the tree securely for as long as he did, as the wind was really thrashing this brave kitten about. We’re grateful to the support of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service in completing this rescue; which is another great example of how we often work together to help animals in the local community. Topper was very cold and wet, but thankfully suffered no injuries at all – and it was great to be able to help reunite him with his owner.

– Gemma Cooper, RSPCA inspector

We’re so grateful to the RSPCA, and the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, who went out of their way to help Topper. They were absolutely fantastic. He’s settled back in really well, is back with the mother cat, and is now more affectionate than ever!

– Margaret Seymour, Topper’s owner


Puppy dumped 'in the dead of night'

Hugo was found in Swansea. Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCa says a puppy was found abandoned in the early hours of the morning on the doorstep of a member of the public who works closely with one of the charity's branches.

Nicknamed Hugo, he was found with a distended stomach and an eye problem. He was taken to a local veterinary practice, for initial care, including worming and flea treatment.He is believed to be around 12 or 13 weeks old.

He was found at 5.30am on 29th January.

RSPCA Cymru is now urging any member of the public who may have witnessed anything, or have any relevant information, to come forward.

This poor pup was found abandoned, and in need of veterinary help and care, in the early hours of the morning. It's such a relief he was found in good time, and he is thankfully doing well with a foster carer.

It seems possible a member of the public knew the home belonged to someone who works with an RSPCA branch. and thought this was an easy route to abandoning this poor, defenceless animal.

However, we cannot be clear as to the circumstances behind this incident. We're urging anyone who may have seen anything relevant to contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018. Calls are treated in confidence.

– Andrew Harris, RSPCA animal welfare officer

Kitten found in a bag on a train

Credit: RSPCA

RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information after a grey-and-white kitten was found on the Rhymney to Penarth train on Wednesday night.

The male six-week-old kitten - nicknamed ‘Station’ - was found in a navy sports bag.

I took Station immediately to an independent vets, where he is currently receiving treatment. When I took him in he had runny eyes and was lethargic, but he is doing well really today and is alert and is eating well.

It sadly does appear that he may have been abandoned on the train - but we are appealing for information to try and find out what happened as someone could have forgotten him. Someone may have seen who was carrying the bag or may recognise the kitten.

– Gary Lucas, RSPCA animal collection officer

Pigeon rescued and receiving care after landing in oil

The pigeon is expected to make full recovery. Credit: RSPCA

A pigeon had to be rescued after landing in a vat of oil in Merthyr Tydfil.

The used cold cooking oil was in an outside bin at a restaurant at Rhydycar and when the lid was taken off momentarily, the pigeon flew in and got himself into trouble.

This poor pigeon got himself into a bit of mischief, but thankfully staff at the restaurant were quick to react and managed to get the pigeon safely out otherwise he would have certainly drowned.

He was confined safely outside while I made my way over to collect him. He was completely covered in oil. He looked like one slick pigeon!

– Gemma Cooper, RSPCA Inspector

The pigeon was first taken to Merthyr Tydfil Veterinary Clinic for a vet check up, and then was taken to Gower Bird Hospital to be cleaned up and rehabilitated.


Farmer jailed for keeping 34 dogs in 'horrific' conditions

A farmer from Garnant in Carmarthenshire has been jailed for seven months for causing his dogs and other animals unnecessary suffering.

The dogs were being kept in an 'horrific' environment when found Credit: RSPCA Cymru

An RSPCA inspector found 34 dogs living in "shocking conditions" including schnauzers, cocker spaniels and pugs.

“Within five minutes of my arrival I was covered in head to toe in faeces and urine. I was drenched to the bone. It was unimaginable.

“The dogs were stinking because they were living in this horrific environment. There were puppies being born in faeces.

“There were also a number of sheep and a couple of pigs that had been shoved into a barn. There was no ventilation, no water or food and they were just crammed in.”

– RSPCA Inspector Gemma Cooper

He was sentenced to five months in prison with an additional two months for breaching a previous sentence. He was also disqualified from keeping all animals for five years.

'Bale' and team mates looking for new home

Credit: RSPCA Cymru

Five puppies, approximately two weeks-old, were found abandoned behind the Asda in Dowlais Top, Merthyr yesterday.

Ahead of Wales' historic quarter final match against Belgium tonight - the puppies have been named after a selection of the Welsh Euro 2016 heroes.

The three boys have been named after Bale, Allen and Williams whilst the girls are Taylor and Ramsey.

Bale-ed out: abandoned puppy is now being bottlefed Credit: RSPCA Cymru

It appears that these poor puppies have just been abandoned in a box.

The five puppies appear healthy, but are so young and could have died if they had not been found. We don’t know how long they had been there.

The five puppies consist of two brindle females, two brindle males and one grey male.

– Gemma Cooper, RSPCA inspector
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