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'Early warning' for Wales fans following long queues at Principality Stadium

There were long queues for the Australia match. Credit: Carl Edwards/ITV News

“The earlier you are, the quicker you’ll get in…”

That's the message from the WRU ahead of tomorrow's match against Georgia. Fans are used to arriving 45 minutes before a match. But increased security is in place.

Last weekend's match against Australia saw long queues with some fans missing the beginning of the match.

The WRU says the gates will open tomorrow at 11.30am; that is three hours before kick-off.

To allow for the increased security checks, we have doubled the amount of time that the stadium is open prior to kick-off from 90 minutes to three hours and broadcast this message as widely as possible.

Despite these efforts, only 10% of ticket holders arrived at the stadium in the first hour-and-a-half of opening last weekend.

As such, regrettably, the surge in arrivals later than we had advised slowed entry to the stadium, meaning some attendees missed the kick-off.

– Mark Williams, Principality Stadium manager



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